21 days

Monday, September 10, 2007

scatter pattern - autumn colour study

21 days of busy-ness. 2 big deadlines Oct 02 +

1.) Holiday Call for Concepts from big fish gift & home decor company
2.) Submit minimum of 6 greeting card ideas to silkscreen (very cool) card company that I've wanted to submit to for...6 years now. Holiday, Halloween & New Years themes.

Plus my one regular gift company has me working on two potentially big (pays lots o' bills) photo frame lines - thumbnail sketch concept stage. Continue designing my website pages for my designer buddy Bruce to turn into an actual working web site. Pas de technical myself.

Continue to search, mostly monster.com for new business and all that other home stuff...try to maintain some semblance of order & cleanliness in my big old house and gigantic jungle of a yard. I did mow the lawn yesterday...thank god that's done again for another 2 weeks. Had one minor incident while mowing in a cloud of blue smelly smoke, thankfully my neighbour Jean stopped to chat, and I realized that I was causing the cloud of blue smelly smoke. Aaaaaagggghhhh! I hate loud, dangerous chopping machines. I added oil (best guess) and the mower started up and purred like a kitten (not) as I continued on with my most hated job minus the cloud of blue smelly smoke. The yard does look SO nice when the lawn is manicured up to edge of the jungle.

Thank goodness I love to obsessively make lists - I'll need to be scheduled to the hilt these next 21 days and it's now time for the beach 6:49am...

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