No.s 2 & 3

Friday, September 7, 2007

salad plate sketch from Florence tabletop collection

Well, I finally, one week later, had a phone conversation with the product manager who sent me the email letting me know that my tabletop collection had been canceled. In that one week, and mostly because I had not spoken with her...I had created my own story as to why this all happened and of course my story - was a horror story with me, the somewhat, hapless victim. I remember taking a communication course at a company that I worked with years ago and the facilitator explained how important clear & direct communication is because if you don't clearly communicate to people they will make up their own version of the truth seems it's human nature to do so and I certainly was following the flock ... the reasons created in my head, although not at all specific, were all about me and it somehow being my fault. So this morning I'm feeling a tad sheepish. It turns out five tabletop collections were fact all the tabletop groupings were canceled as the company is changing direction. An unfortunate and unpredictable big bump along my road of becoming a successful self employed designer.

In my defense she really should have called and had that conversation right at the get go and I should have given her that feedback ...but of course I didn't. I was so happy to be lapping up compliments and listening to her hopes that I would be submitting more designs to the next round of Call for Concepts (which arrived last night in my inbox) that I didn't say much at all.

2. Don't take anything personally
3. Don't make assumptions

Intellectually I completely understand and believe these 2 of 4 agreements however, emotionally, when faced with a situation like this one I seem to plummet instantly into a pool of No's 2 & 3. It's funny how life, in so many ways, is just a constant learning experience, and I guess that's why it is so important to live in the moment that your in - because in the next minute, or hour, or day... things might be completely different.

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