Monday, September 17, 2007

the tools of my trade plus "thumbs" - short for thumbnail drawings

Had a great day yesterday - a great start & my first page of thumbs for my first of four projects - a wedding/romance collection of frames. My goal is to have 22 frames chosen from this round of thumbnails and I have today and early tomorrow to work on more thumbs. The more thumbs that I come up with, the better chance I have of having many, many thumbs picked. Each thumb chosen then becomes a finished technical drawing which then goes off to a factory to be produced. I get paid for each finished drawing. The thumbnail portion of each project then becomes that big design roulette wheel. Occasionally, and thankfully very occasionally, I may work for several days on thumbs and not a one gets picked but that doesn't happen very often. I've been working with this particular company and this particular woman for over 5 years now and my style has become very successful (saleable) for them.

No hacking away at my jungle yesterday and I'm afraid it was a sunny, warm late summer day - perfect for jungle hacking.
My revised plan is to see if I can't do a little each early evening...say 5-6pm or 7pm, something like that. Just chop away at it in little evening pieces. While I'm out there I need to wash my windows - it's amazing living so close to the harbour how much salt spray you accumulate on the outside of your windows and I have such big beautiful windows in this house, they need to be clean & sparkling. I also rearranged my living room furniture, dragging pieces of furniture around each topped with clinging kittens (I surely was doing this purely for their benefit). And my neighbour Jean and I had lunch out at a local restaurant, it was nice to have a visit with her...she seems do be doing really well.

So ... 22 frames is the goal. It's a high goal, I realize, as they only need 15-20 pieces in the collection but as always I like to see if I can't outdo myself. Stay tuned for No. of thumbs chosen - later this week.

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