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Thursday, September 20, 2007

still life with globe, miniature eiffel tower and french alphabet

5:05 am, coffee in hand, all the windows are open and it is perfectly quiet. Just the soft rustle of the leaves in the trees and a few crickets. I love this time of day. Yesterday morning at this time and until we returned from the beach the server was down...so no internet. A rare, thankfully, occurrence, so that's why I didn't post yesterday. Early morning seems to be the time that I have something to say - once we're back from the beach I have chores to do and I try to be working at my desk by 9am. It's been a perfect week so far in every way. The weather's been glorious, a little chill in the air early in the morning but as soon as the sun is up the temperature begins to change and by the time we go out for our second walk at 4pm it's been warm, sunny and lovely every day this week.

So far 12 frames have been chosen - 12 from my oodles of wedding/romance frame collection thumbnails. We're not finished yet so I do hope that number will rise as I am aiming for 22 finished technical drawings and 22 x $$. I'm very pleased with how the look of the over all collection is turning out. I haven't spoken with the Chicago company yet, but I've left several messages and I will email her today. I find the people that I deal with have such busy lives at their big companies in their big cities. I try to imagine (especially when I'm feeling somehow snubbed that they haven't returned my message as promptly as I'd hoped) how many voice mail messages and email messages that they likely have to deal with in the run of a day...and I'm sure it's a frightening amount.

For today and tomorrow I'll just remain diligently at my desk turning 10 more of my little thumbnail sketches into full size drawings. Drawing while listening to CBC radio or to an audio book, both dogs sprawled at my feet, Oliver curled up on his little bed on my desk ... and me happy as a clam.

I think he looks quite comfortable? Sweet Ver is one of those rare shadow cats. Wherever I go he must follow. His personality is a lot more like a dogs' ... when I'm at my desk Oliver is here too, keeping me company on his little desk bed.

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