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Saturday, September 8, 2007

from my 2007 Cavallini vintage maps wall calender

I absolutely LOVE the entire Cavallini product line. In Canada Chapters carries the calenders and for a wider range of products Kate's Paperie (a must stop on any trip to NYC). I usually go to the one on Broadway because it's almost directly across from food heaven - Dean & DeLuca. Am still deciding which calender I might get for 2008, tough decision as they are all beautiful. Printed on great cream heavy paper and suitable for framing when the year is up... and under $30. - a bargain.

I love maps ... especially vintage maps. I have collected atlas's from the 50's or 60's found at yard sales and second hand shops and I keep threatening (myself) to decoupage my laundry room walls with maps. Cavallini also sells large sheets of gift wrap with vintage city maps printed on them - gorgeous poster size for less than $5. a sheet.

It's 6:00 am, coffee in hand, both the windows in my studio/office are wide open and the air is warm and perfectly still. The only sounds I can hear are peepers (small frogs) far off in the distance, seagulls and crickets. [6:32 can now add lobster boats leaving the harbour to the early morning village sounds]. The sun comes up much later already which delays our departure time for the beach. Lately we've been leaving the house around 6:50. The tide is high and no wind ...my boy will be happy because that means lots of swimming and also it's Saturday so Maggie Sue (another golden retriever whose Mom is a school teacher) will be joining us & Jake in the water, although Maggie prefers to attempt to retrieve rocks which suits Jake just fine as he does look quite perturbed the occasional time Maggie tries to fetch his sticks.

I work today at my part-time job beginning at 10am. I'll stop after the beach to pick up the Saturday Globe & Mail, zip to the Farmer's Market to stock up on fresh veggies for the week, rush home to dry off and feed les chiens, do a couple of little chores and off to Inside & Out, the little gift and decor shop that my friend Harry owns. In between customers I can brainstorm, research online & plan all my September design projects. I'm taping 4 episodes of What Not to Wear so if I feel like it later I can enjoy some commercial free (fast-forward please) Stacy & Clinton...sounds like a perfect day to me.

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  1. Hope I'm not driving you crackers with all these comments! Cavallini is new to me...I absolutely adore all their products! (just looked at the website) I must order myself a few things....well...at least a calendar!


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