Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the hydrangea are just starting to change colour...looks like candy

It's raining very gently this morning, warm and no wind. 5:20am. I sit and type in darkness, only the light from my laptop monitor glowing just enough on the keypad that I can see. First big mug of coffee & radio Prague on CBC's overnight broadcast.

I worked, unexpectedly, yesterday at my part-time job (Harry had to go into the city) which kind of screwed up day 1 of my 21 day plan. I was able to scour the internet for inspiration but also spent far too much time absolutely lost in many of my favourite blogs (not yet listed on my sidebar favourites) and read lots about Britney's very sad comeback performance at my guilty pleasure entertainment gossip sites and all in all felt like kind of a wasted day. Not good! I did make a little money (bacon) to bring home to feed my family of six ... the only saving grace. Productivity, it seems, equals happiness & contentment for me. So I must make up for it today.

I watched an amazing documentary last night, that I had taped, Ric Burns The Center of the World on PBS. A three hour documentary about the history of the World Trade Center and it was amazing. I often contemplate giving up TV and cable, and then I watch a show like this one... and realize that I can't.

my freshly mowed lawn edges the front jungle and one of three old hydrangea bushes nearly in it's full fall glory.

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  1. Absolutely love the hydrangea shot and love the pics of your Oliver.....he reminds me of our family cat Tippy who we had for over 21 years.

    enjoyed a great read going totally backwards through your blog ...had to go make a cuppa and come back for more..

    ..funny how we sometimes feel as though we are the only one who does some strange or unusual thing and then...find out we are definitely not alone in our thoughts or actions. My head spins with some negative thoughts from time to time.....okay..well, quite often then ... and I used to wonder what was wrong with me... why can't I bypass those thoughts... get them out of my mind more quickly..etc... but... in voicing it aloud we discover it is not nearly as unusual as we initially thought.

    Matter of fact...in the past few years I have decided that since it seems almost rampant.... it must just be another of those "we are who we are" sort of things.

    Tx for some beautiful pics and some interesting reading....


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