Wednesday, September 5, 2007

my grandmother Flo sitting in her living room 1980's

It's noon on Wednesday and I've just spent far too much time away from urgent/important things, while fussing around with my new scanner. It's a cold, rainy blustery - very fall-ish, kind of day. I should be working on new portfolio PDFs in my attempts to acquire 2 (at least) new customers- how hard can that be? Hard. Let me tell you ...it seems almost everyone wants an on-site designer not one who lives far away in a sleepy little seaside village in Nova Scotia. Where is Nova Scotia anyway? It was mentioned in that famous Carly Simon song. Thankfully there are a few exceptions (customers/companies that is) and that's what I'm on the hunt for. And in other good news it seems that the lull has passed.

I have a new scanner which I set up yesterday. I splurged and bought the more advanced version of the Canon scanner that I had, that just suddenly stopped working. This new scanner the CanoScan 4400F also scans film and since I have binders filled with black & white (and a few colour) negatives I was anxious to test it out. The first negatives that I came across were from a portrait series that I did of my grandmother Flo - sometime in the first half of the 80's decade, in her home, a safe and favourite place of mine, while I was at art school and thick into photography. This may not even be the best shot of her, and I'm realizing now that I should have cleaned the negative (quite dusty) but I'm really happy with the results of my first little test of the film scanning capabilities and it actually was quite easy to touch up dusty spots in Photoshop.

I'm also thrilled to have Flo's picture on my blog, she was and continues to be a huge influence on me & my life, she was a constant when my life was anything but consistent and I always knew, without a doubt, that she loved me...

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