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Sunday, September 23, 2007

tomatoes - like candy this time of the year


7-9am - walk with les cheins at the beach. High tide this morning so lots of swimming & fetching sticks for the boy.
9-10am - weekly telephone chat with my sister on my cordless phone while multi-tasking. Laundry & preparing farmers market veggies from yesterday, and pizza dough for tonig
hts dinner of homemade vegetarian pizza.
10-1pm - work at my desk and listen to Michael Enright & The Sunday Edition on CBC radio, a special forum
Afghanistan: What Are We Doing There. I'll listen to this broadcast on my computer so that I can listen to the Toronto or Montreal feed as I'll be an hour behind my time zones schedule for this show. A wonderful thing...I never have to miss my favourite CBC radio shows ... I just listen later in a different time zone.
1-4pm - free goof off time. Only on Sunday afternoons do I allow myself this luxury. I will, no doubt, lay on my bed with lots of pillows puffed up, with a cup of tea and the Saturday Globe & Mail and my current book (am finally finishing Eat Pray Love) and I will read & snooze, snooze & read. Another don't miss CBC radio show - Wire Tap with Jonathon Goldstein at 1pm (my time zone) listened to on the radio by my bed - this show is amazing at times, and at times just plain weird but I think overall that he's a genius so I try not to miss it.
4-5pm - les cheins and I will go for our second walk, come home and they'll have their supper and I'll prepare my pizza for later.
5-7pm - work at my desk, this time with Cross Country Check-Up with Rex Murphy tonights topic How does the rising Loonie affect you?. Interesting topic and it certainly does affect me. Have been thinking I may need to add an exchange rate to my invoices if our dollar continues to rise above the US$.
7pm-bedtime - dinner and more CBC, (this time on TV) the third episode of a 5 part series Geologic Journey (dam I missed the first 2 episodes beginning with The Rockies and moving east) a Nature of Things with David Suzuki special.

I don't know what I'd do without my CBC. I plan my life around it ...maybe that's a bit scary.

Oh yeah and I'd like to lose 25 lbs... I hate to mention this in my blog but it's on my mind constantly and I thought if I buried this statement/goal in my riveting Canadian Broadcasting Corporation post it might go unread but still I will have put it out there ... I'd really like to cross that goal off my seems - like - it's - been - there - forever list ... finally!! On Oct 23 I will update my progress toward this goal, once again attempting to bury it in an equally riveting post.

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