Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I confess, not a current photo - one from the files but perfect, I think,
to help chase away the lulls.

I'm having a lull... a thought lull, a life lull, a blog lull. I wish it weren't so, but it is. Many of the blogs that I read don't post every day and I don't really think it's necessary... but I got into the habit of posting almost every day. I would find myself thinking (say on a Monday) what I might talk about on Tues. in the beginning I was always thinking about my blog, and me and my life. I am still thinking about me and my life because I never stop thinking about me and my life. It's just that for the last few days there isn't one thought that stands out from the rest, it's just a big jumble of thoughts.

I had considered writing about cats and how fascinating they are and I am sure that I will write that post one day soon. A general commentary on cats and their quirks in general to start, how unique they are, especially when compared to dogs, followed by a more intimate introduction to the 4 cats that share my life- Lulu, Bleet, Oliver & Gus who are all complete individuals... all as different as night and day...but that story is for a future post.

This is a post about lulls. Dull, nothing periods that thankfully are usually fleeting when many random thoughts ping around but nothing sticks, nothing seemingly worthwhile. Lulls should be tolerated and not examined too closely. Leave them alone and try not to pay too much attention to them and they will usually go away.

The highlights of my Tuesday were as follows: the big, gigantic, 840 pages of fearless fashion - September Vogue arrived today. I got my hair cut in a true seventies shag style and I love it! and I took my car into the shop because it had a funny rattle when I idled and the repair was so small and insignificant that Fred didn't charge me a cent...

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