Thursday, September 13, 2007

paper collage illustration back when Bleet was a skinny cat

Needed red and lime and cheery today. My biorhythms [check your own 28 day chart] must be low this week as I feel cranky, overwhelmed and generally really moody. OMG! Just checked and my emotional self is practically so low it's off the chart and it's still on the downward plunge not to begin the climb back up for another 7 days, thankfully my intellectual and physical self are in top form. That's a bit freaky. Good to know however, now I have a good reason to cut myself some slack. "Talk to the hand other self - my biorhythms are low".

My nephew Michael is back settled in at university in his first big ol' apartment with roommates downtown and back blogging with great photos and posts of life in St. John's at Colonial Street.

Two sentences from emails received yesterday from Val - Design Director and my main customer

"Hi Susan, I have a lot of work coming your way. "

"I have a ton. I'll do it later! Get going. Keep the faith kiddo. val :))"

oh thank God!

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