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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beatrice, I would say the calender girl for adopting a senior dog

That face, and those eyes filled with so much kindness and faith and wisdom. This photo is a repeat, first posted on this blog in August. It's from a Nikon print ad, photos taken by regular people. I was tidying up my desk the other day and I came across it. I had torn the page out of a magazine and honestly looking at her face just does something to me ... it makes my heart melt, it makes me want to cry, and makes me want to stop all my silly nit picking and fussing and love exactly what I have - all around me. I've put Beatrice in a frame and now she sits here by my laptop and I get lost when I look into those eyes. Lost in a very good way.

The Noodle (Jake) is better, not completely, but the most important thing is he's not showing any other signs of illness. He's still my starvin marvin, energetic, alert & bright. So more pepto peanut butter sandwiches and white rice on the menu again today.

Yesterday afternoon I had my hair cut in a fairly extreme shag, lots of long curly tendrily bits at the bottom and short and layered and feathered on the top. I then quickly walked the short distance to the post office where in this village all the big hair chat happens. I had to get the critique, had to see if I could make Rhonda & Sue (the Canada post girls) squeal. They did, lots of Oh I love it and Oh you look 10 years younger and on & on. Smirk. Great excitement in our little village. I continued on to do a few errands, stopped to have a pedicure with Leah (I designed her logo identity and bartered for aesthetician stuff - love those kinda trades) and ended up at BFF Harry's little decor & gift store to hang out for awhile during the first of several holiday open house events. Lots more Oh I love your hair!! my new fancy big city haircut quickly becoming the talk of the town. Smile.

Went to bed with a stack of new December magazines - Domino, Mind Body + Soul, Elle Decor, Oprah, O at Home & Gourmet (I know, I've got the magazine thing bad - I feel it's really my one and only big extravagance and when you live so far removed from urban life it's almost a necessity). Drifted off into lovely dreams of a handsome man, handsome in that really smart kind of way, with mild to medium left politics gently worn on his sleeve, who had a beautiful big home filled with interesting things (a big long harvest table, loads of books and maps) and I slept much better last night.


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  1. oh, man,.... tears welled up right away and there is a lump the size of a fist in my throat.... such a little luv.



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