day 4 - no wagon

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

geraniums in sunlight No. 2

I needed some colour this morning. Not a new photo - a new look at an older, summer photo.

Blustery and raining here this morning on day 4 without a car. Day 4 without going to the beach, the real beach. The one at the end of the dead end road, the one with fields and pastures forever, the one where we all (Jake, Winnie Dixon and I) can run free & roam and climb and treasure hunt. The one where we get lost each and every day. I guess these little events in life, having your car be out of commission for days, serve to remind you of how much you appreciate when they are here, working, sitting in the driveway just waiting for you to all pile in, buckle up and take off.

If the tide was low, we could actually walk along the shoreline from the village, eventually climb a set of cottage stairs and end up on the dead end road that leads to paradise and we did attempt that adventure yesterday morning. We had plans to try and meet up with Carol and Channy (a black lab), our regular walking buddies, but the tide was full and that particular stretch of shoreline is very rocky - huge big boulders and difficult to climb over, so... we had to turn back, but we are determined to make that trip.

It's actually pouring rain, I can here it tapping in waves on my window. Nessie's out - the "no you can't go out at 4am to play with the foxes" didn't last long. His wish is my command, and he is big and fat, a mouthful for a fox, and we do have lots of porches and stoops that he can escape under. So, as soon as he starts demanding to go out each morning, around 4am ...I let him out. It's a very wet morning this morning. I'll have to rub him down with a thick terry towel when he comes in, which will make him purr madly. He's a very funny, weird cat and I'm crazy about him.

still life with logs, cow skull, potted tree & Nessie (Bleet)

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