midst of the storm

Sunday, November 4, 2007

collage of autumn leaves

3:45 am (really 4:45 - the time fell back over night - so really pretty much my normal time). We have power here at 29 Black Street although it did go out off and on through the night, so I also have my beloved cup o Joe sitting here with me (I made a thermos of coffee last night just in case). Thanks to CBC radio and special local storm coverage and a radio that's working I'm able to be updated as to the goings on of the rest of Nova Scotia. 10,000 houses are without power so I feel quite lucky. It's not raining because I have made one trip outside with Winnie Dixon but it's VERY windy. My ears have been popping ...weird. The temperature is 19C. balmy and strong winds, although it's funny the wind seems to be high up in the sky, it's a bit scary and I'm going to be brief because I do still believe that the power may go out at any time.

Somethings wrong with my car, it stopped dead in it's tracks yesterday afternoon as les chiens were on our way for one last spin at the beach before the storm. Thankfully a friend happened by in her car almost instantly and drove me & the car keys to the local garage (so they could tow that car in) and then drove Jake, Winn & me home. I had an appointment for an oil change Monday anyway ... so now the cars' there waiting. No beach walks for a couple of days :-( Drag, we'll have to wait to see how the shore line landscape has been changed by this storm.

The kitten's are peeling around ... and I'm going back to my nest with my coffee.

Did you see Conrad Black's segment on Rick Mercer on pressing leaves ... too funny. Apparently when the Rick's people called Conrad's people to invite him on the show they initially refused, but then called back and changed their minds, and this is the result of his guest spot. That Rick Mercer, another reason to be a proud Canadian.

yikes ...the radio's just gone dead ... more later.

It's nearly 7am and beginning to get light out. I'm pouring a bubble bath and have decided that an afternoon nap is probably in order. Think les chiens and I will have a walk down to the park and the harbour just to check things out and to "blow the stink off us" - A Maritime expression.

We have power ... I feel SO lucky. Many of the homes, over 100,000, without power have been told it may be Tuesday evening before power is restored. Eeek! I would not be prepared for that. I do have enough wood in to have a few days of fires, but I don't have enough batteries or a working flashlight (shame on me) or even a good supply of candles and my wind up radio is of a cheap and not that reliable variety. A reminder that I do need a much better emergency kit.

The radio did come back on, thank goodness, a lifeline to keep abreast of conditions all over the province and Maritimes. CBC does a fantastic job, broadcasting through the night and until noon on Sunday with people calling in from all over with reports from their area.

11C and wind gusts of 50kms

blue skies & flying clouds 8am and we just got back from a quick spin down to the park and along the harbour. It's wild, still very windy. A few branches down but no serious damage where we were walking. We were obviously on a high traffic dog area as Jake & Winnie were both nose to the ground the entire time - lots of good smells and many, many stops to say they were here. Home safe & sound and I think I'll make french toast for breakfast.


  1. how were life in seaside?
    I wish I could live in such place like you do
    I think storm is just one tiny obstacles,compares to magnificent life on the beach

  2. I'm a lucky girl that's for sure!!
    and I can't imagine living anywhere else.

    The storm itself was actually quite exciting and thankfully we did not lose power for any length of time - which would've been the only real hardship.

    Life on the beach IS truly magnificent!


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