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Thursday, November 15, 2007

pebbles of wood worn rounded and smooth by the sea and the sand

Progress report - I did not tackle the cleaning out and organization of the tools, supplies, paint, & stuff cabinet yesterday or last night. I did however examine the cupboard thoroughly and did an initial study of the job ahead. I did take before pictures of the cabinet in all it’s messy overstuffed glory (only to be displayed along side, yet to come, miraculous after pictures). I did go to the library, and to the post office. I stopped into visit with Harry at his little gift & décor store. Chimney Sweep No.1 arrived and did his chimney cleaning thing, it's the first time he's been here, the first time I've met him and he said to me "Do you own this house?" in a kind of incredulous way (?) followed by "wow, what a great place". I worked on my jewellery project for a few hours, I tidied the kitchen and did the dishes and swept the floors. I walked with les chiens after the sun had just dipped below the horizon, down to the park and along the gravel path that edges the harbour, then down to the end of the dead end street and down onto the beach. The moon was high in the sky and only a crescent sliver of brightness and the sky was ablaze with streaks of magenta and deep lavender.

We walked along, Jake & Winnie noses to the ground the whole way, while I peered into lit windows, watching dinners being prepared, homework being done, phone calls being made ... another month and we’ll be strolling around in the early evening looking in at Christmas trees and houses lit up with Christmas lights. My early evening was spent cutting snowflakes and big dots out of pretty pale blue and opalescent paper, decorations for Harry’s store window. And of course as usual I retreated early to the comfort of my nest with a big stack of magazines, several dogs and cats and CBC radio.

When the going gets tough the tough often resort to making Crème Bruleé Bread Pudding. This from the girl who suggested to her sister, just this past Sunday, that she and I must have a competition to see who can lose the most lbs by December 16th.

crème bruleé bread pudding

1 cup of packed brown sugar
1 stick (1/2 cup butter)
2 Tbsps. corn syrup or maple syrup

1 loaf heavy country style bread cut into cubes
5 eggs
2 cups milk/blend/cream (or as decadent a mixture you would like)
2 tsps. vanilla
good pinch of salt

Cook first three ingredients on the stove until sugar has completely dissolved and the mixture is smooth & creamy. Pour this mixture into the bottom of a large casserole dish. Whisk eggs, milk, vanilla & salt together. Place bread cubes in casserole on top of caramel mixture, pour over egg mixture (keep in the fridge overnight covered with foil - if you can stand to wait). The next day bring the bread pudding back to room temperature and bake at 350 30-45 minutes. Drizzle with cream.

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  1. Oh, yum!! gonna try this one. Can you believe I have never made bread pudding? silly me...

    hey...see what I am saying about lists? Even if you did not do what you had planned...look at how much other "stuff" you managed to accomplish in one day! you are a dynamo woman. And......hey, hey... you had some fun too.
    Easily as important as just slogging all day. Life is too short to just work or just plan....
    Those little things we enjoy are special and priceless....


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