Thursday, November 22, 2007

piles of reading material by my bedside

You know I've always considered myself to be an avid reader but lately the statement avid reader is one I can bandy around only in theory. I am keenly interested in books, I peruse book sights, I read reviews, I listen to Writers & Co. with Eleanor Wachtel, I go the library every Tuesday like clockwork- Tuesday is book delivery day, I search titles online and order tons of books through an amazing provincial wide library system. I order the new hottest must read fiction, cookbooks, craft & design books, non-fiction books, unabridged books on CD that I can listen to while drawing all my little drawings. I order titles so frequently that almost every Tuesday something has arrived for me. But lately... the actual reading of the books, well, it just isn't happening and I'm not sure what has happened to me. I used to be an avid reader.

Anyone who's been reading along with this blog for a time knows that my sleeping schedule has begun the long gradual trip to weirdness. Flannel PJ's on at 7pm, and up drinking coffee at 4:40am many mornings recently. I worry (very mildly) that this just isn't good, it's just not right. The rest of the world is just beginning their evenings and I'm thinking about going to bed, everyone else talks about the pleasures of sleeping in and I look at them like I absolutely have no idea what they're talking about. I love getting up - if I'm awake and it's past 4am I want to get up - it's the best part of a brand new day.

It's dark these daylight savings evenings at 5pm. The sweeties and I go for our pm walk along the harbour's edge, we come home have a bite to eat and maybe watch a little pre-taped commercial free TV, do the dishes, tidy the kitchen and oh look it's 7pm and I think to myself maybe I'll put my pajamas on, puff up lots of pillows and lie on the nest, or try to really sit up in the nest and read. I know that it has a lot to do with the darkness, and I guess I am tired because I've been up & active for nearly 15 hours (24-15=9, minus another hour for the time putzing around getting ready for bed, and then the 15 mins or so that I am actually awake, in bed, book in hand with intentions to read, even just 1 chapter a night please ?1?*). So I am getting 8 hours of sleep, nothing weird about that.

I do love reading and there are a billion books that I want to read. It seems I just get all comfy and situated in my heavenly bed and Bleet will arrive and decide that he'd like to lie in his favourite spot, which is on my chest just under my chin. So I'll put the book over to one side, turn the pages with the same hand that's holding the book (I'm getting quite good at it) while I scratch under his chin with the other hand, which he loves and it makes him purr madly, and my focus is diverted. Quality time with the Ness. Or ...even if I'm Bleet-less, and have both hands to hold my book I just find the act of reading in bed, which is the place I most like to read, like a big ol' sedative these days, honestly a few pages, and I'm gone. Lights on, sound asleep, every night.

The books read column, on this blog, pitifully lists three books, three non-fiction books - since July. Maybe the column should be books I'd like to read and then the column would be really long & chock full of interesting titles. I'm not sure what the answer is ... maybe coffee late in the afternoon.

very cool website - what should you read next? You just finished a book that you loved, plug in the title and this sight will give recommendations of what to read next

Don't miss Masterpiece Theatre, on your local PBS channel Sunday the 25th, is airing My Family and other Animals - my absolute favourite book of all times. If you love animals and nature, and love to laugh til you cry, rush out to your nearest second hand bookstore (I guarantee they'll have a copy) and pick up this first book of a wonderful trilogy by Gerald Durrell and don't miss Masterpiece Theatre this Sunday evening.


  1. Sometimes I think that "very early to bed, very early to rise" might be the natural ancient rhythm for humans. I've noticed that a lot of people who don't have to flow with the rest of the world - retired people, unemployed people...self-employed people - just naturally fall into that rhythm on their own.

    So, maybe you're just doing what comes naturally!

  2. Hi Patti, I think you are likely spot on and I hadn't considered the self-employed angle, but that's also SO true. I know if I had to trudge off each morning to some 9-5 situation (shudder) I would stay buried in the nest until the very last moment. Very good point you bring up! I really don't worry about it much except how it's put the kibosh on my reading abilities. This afternoon I'm going to have a mug of high-test (Starbucks) around 4pm we'll see what that does.

    ps. Happy to hear that Bugsy had a good vet report, there's nothing more upsetting than a sick pet.

  3. How I envy you in that you can go to bed early....and fall asleep. It doesn't matter what time I try to go to bed...I toss and turn and just get frustrated; finally fall into a fitful sleep about one in the morning...or later.... wake up about 5 times before 5 a.m. ...then fall into a heavy, heavy sleep til 8:30. I try to crawl out before 9:00..but my body feels like a log that just won't move. I drag myself around for about an hour before I feel conscious. Some days I barely do okay on so little sleep;others I feel pretty good. Most days I need a nap about 3 or 4:00 but try not to lie down in hopes of sleeping better... and for some silly reason, I seem to get a second wind about 8 or 9 p.m. and then, don't feel sleepy at all. Only my eyes are tired and I can easily stay up putzing til midnight or later...I would love to go to bed at about 9 or 10, sleep til 7 and get up feeling refreshed. Well, guess I would love to feel refreshed no matter when I had to get up...but that hardly happens.

    Can we trade? I would love to go to bed at 9, get a real sleep and be up at the break of day. I am jealous.


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