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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winnie Dixon & Jake

Second cup of coffee here beside me, smelly bubble bath a pouring and my Noodle dog is on the mend. Hallelujah!! He had one very minor accident through the night and I really believe that perhaps this morning after we park the car and stroll into the nearby field and he has his morning constitution that I'll be jumping up and down and singing cause I think we're going to have a firm poop. You know you're over the top when a firm poop feels like you've won a lottery, but honestly that's how I feel. We'll still make a trip to town to visit out regular vet to review the results of his super duper blood work either tomorrow or Monday depending on how things continue today. Poor Miss Dixon has been quite freaked out, confused and I'm sure feeling a little left out as so much attention has been focused on the Noodle. She's a very sensitive little dog, my Winnie Dixon and this past week has made her feel a little insecure. There's been lots of commotion, what with all those mad rushes out of my chair, Jake and I flying down the stairs, poor him with his hindquarters hunched while trying to run as we both make the dash for the sun porch door and out into their big dog yard. Sometimes making it ... and many times not.

Lots of design work on the go, that part of my life is excellent and thankfully now it seems Jake is a little better my concentration & focusing abilities will be much improved.

The first 2 cords of my 4 cords of wood has finally arrived and it looks beautiful and dry and really the pile doesn't even look too big to me ... if I had to pile some of it myself I think I might even enjoy it, that's my new my dog is better so everything in the world is better attitude shining through.

Had a lovely chat with my Aunt Sally, late in the afternoon, calling from Montreal with Mother Hen concern for me and the boy which was very sweet and meant an awful lot to us. I think everyone needs and loves a Mother Hen ... at least I know I sure do!

this weekend is our little villages first ever holiday season festival - Christmas by the Sea. Beginning tomorrow night and continuing all day Saturday the village will be abuzz with a raft of events, a wine & cheese fund raising open house for the local animal shelter, tree trimming contests with carolers, a desert tea event, an open house at the library, lots of retail sales and specials and everyone serving Christmas goodies - you can count on hot spiced cider, lots of shortbread cookies and Quality Street chocolates - everywhere. BFF Harry and I have yet to draw up our itinerary as we plan to tool around town together and take in as many events as possible ... a few hours Friday evening and a few hours Saturday afternoon.

Hopefully Jake will continue to feel better and better, on his way back to normal.

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  1. I am cheering you guys on from here... glad to know things are "firming up" over there. Yesss!!!!

    Poor Winnie and Jake too...I am sure they will both be ultra glad when things settle back into their "regular" routine.


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