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Monday, November 5, 2007

Jake & Winnie Dixon - sunrise at low tide

my noodle dog - Jake, Buck, Sweetie

Up at 4am (which is really 5am) to bed last night with my current book, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer at 7:30 (which was really 8:30). Les chiens and I will head out for a walk down to the the park and along the harbour front this morning as soon as it's beginning to get light at 6:30 (which is really 7:30). It will take a few days before the ongoing translating of the real time abates and the new time will become the real time. The sun disappears shortly past 5:30 pm and does prompt my antisocial, secretive self to want to stroll the village in darkness ...avec les chiens of course. So maybe we'll add a third walk to our routine this year. A little bedtime stroll, it's a few steps from my front door to the park which hugs the edge of the harbour. A gravel path lines this edge and the air & ground here are filled with smells that are fascinating to dogs. I think that's a good plan.

I hope that my car will be fixed this afternoon so that we can carry on with our twice daily, no leashes, country seaside walks. Through meadows & pastures, down cottage lanes, climbs up small cliffs and strolls on sand bars. It's by far the best part of each day and we miss it already.


  1. Glad to hear the storm was not too bad in our neck of the woods.

    I'm still doing the same conversion thing with my time... but then I still say ..how much is that in inches? or, ...how many pounds is so many kilograms? ... can't (or is that won't?) make myself learn it...

  2. hahah.... of course, I meant YOUR neck of the woods... better take "me old eyes" to bed .... lol..

    it is after 11:00...but really it is after 12:00 .....


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