a quiet morning

Saturday, November 17, 2007

4pm puffs of orange racing across the sky out my studio window

This is going to be one of my rare quiet mornings. Nothing too exciting to post about and thankfully nothing tragic, worrying or warranting obsessive fretting happening in my life at this particular moment. This week was, has been, one of those weeks where things tick along, stuff falls into place, things get done and this is one of those mornings when I will take my coffee back to the nest, see if I can coax a dog or two to join me and I'll lie there and scheme about which of the myriad of projects or to-dos that I could do, will I do or should I do (terribly relaxing). It feels like I have practically the entire weekend (design) work free. I have a couple of little things, my birthday party invitation to design and print and address ready for the mail on Monday (5 invitations - it's a small party), an ad to design for Harry's gift & home decor store Holiday open house, should spend a few hours staring into the crystal egg awaiting miraculous creative inspiration as it's time, yet again, to try and knock myself off with another (mo' different) sentiments photo frame collection for customer No. uno. So ... there's quite a bit of free time in there and I suspect that the laundry room tool-supply-stuff cabinet beckons.

I may even peel away those remaining shreds of wallpaper, still clinging (since 1997 -I jest, sort of) from the upper walls of the teeny tiny half bath, in preparation for what will surely be a big ol' decoupage project. Could be decoupaged pages from a 1950's encyclopedia, or maps (I do love maps) or pages from the book Cabinet of Natural Curiosities which I purchased specifically to paste on some walls in this old house. The half bath might be too teeny tiny and enclosed a space to be covered with these beautiful illustrations of objects from nature (shells and butterflies, snakes and insects). I swear that's half my battle - making up my mind ... too many choices.

Back to the nest, progress report to come. Happy Saturday.

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  1. Guess what? They are renovating the big Safeway near us and the other day when I went ... there is a Starbucks bar about to open inside it. !! I am thinking it is a new low in attracting shoppers. .. hhahaha...

    my stomach doesn't like Starbucks... even Tim's is not always to my liking... fussy me eh?

    If they want to make me happy they could hire help that doesn't move like molasses. I was in a short line yesterday...but it took so long that some of my frozen stuff was beginning to melt. When the cashier asked me how I was, I told her I was definitely getting impatient with her snail's pace. It didn't speed her up one iota... just made her more sullen than she already had been. Some days I'd just like to slap one.


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