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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

a young Jake and Emma Jane, taken maybe 10 years ago

I would say that life in general here at 29 Black Street is slightly improving, slightly less nerve wracking, although yesterday certainly had it's moments. It's been diarrhea days here for nearly a week, my boy suffering with, at times, an explosive uncontrollable case of the runs complete with gurgling squeaking belly. Switched from Pepto Bismal to Kaopectic (vanilla flavour) at the suggestion of another dog loving friend who'd recently been to her vet for a similar episode. I sop up a tablespoon with a slice of whole wheat bread and gradually, since noon yesterday, things have been firming up. His stool sample results finally came back - negative and he continues on a weeks worth of Neovast and his big full blood work results are back on Friday. They've been sent to the UPEI vet college for the super duper full deal testing something that every geriatric pet, at some point, should have.

He just barked at me to come downstairs and put the cat food plates on the floor so he could clean them up for me. His behaviour continues to be his kooky energetic self, but you can tell that he has some discomfort at that end, his poor bum is sore from all this poopin' and he's upset with himself that he often doesn't make it outside to do his business. My crappy old linoleum floors are cleaner now than then they've been for ages. Loads of paper towels and a big bucket of hot sudsy water with a little bleach and things are cleaned up in a pinch.

I have not had a good experience with this new vet and I'm quite sure that I won't be going back. It's a combination of things but it really boils down to perception. So true perception is 20/20. My perception is that I am not getting the treatment, service and compassion that I expect (and demand) from my vet. The receptionist there should not be dealing with people, she was rude and flip with me when I called yesterday to check, 24 hrs later, to see what the results of his stool sample were and of course they hadn't yet done the test (at my regular vet they have support staff to do these tests quickly, I called to check - 30 mins to have results from a stool sample). Pas de sense of urgency at this new vet clinic. Diarrhea for 5 days + 13 year old dog = quick stool sample test in my books, and they are just my books. Even if she, at the other end, was madly rolling her eyes up at the ceiling, she should have talked to me in a calm, reassuring voice, that of course I understand how worried you are about your much loved pet voice, instead she was sarcastic with a patronizing tone. When you're choosing a vet, you want to feel (from everyone tout la staff), you want the perception, that your pet is the most important thing, at that moment, in the world, to them. I feel that I gave them a fair chance and I'm glad that I did ... but ... I will now continue to happily drive the 40 mins to town to take my much loved brood of 6 to Dr. Diane Stevens.


  1. Absolutely! Don't even hesitate Susan. That "attitude" is everywhere these days and I hate to pigeonhole, but so much more prevalent in the under 25 group. I have had several run ins with it in the past couple of years. It just irks me that employers don't make the effort they used to in training and re-training. When I worked in the dental field... we used to be sent on weekend motivational seminars just for that very thing. We were to bend over backwards in the face of all evil to make patients feel important and cared about. Why is it so difficult to have some compassion in a vet's office. She should be moving a job in a warehouse...not dealing with people and their precious pets. Obviously she hasn't got what it takes even to "man the desk and phones" ... t.

  2. Hi Vee,

    I have made alternate arrangements with my regular vet, we have an appointment Friday, I have requested that his blood work results immediately be faxed through from new vet to old vet and I have every intention of writing them a polite feedback note. It's funny because this particular woman is not of the under 25 crowd, far from it actually. I think she's just not a people person, no social skills and the word on the street is that she will eventually be the back stage, computer, financial person and the other gal who's fantastic will become the full-time front stage receptionist. Let's hope for the sake of their new business that this is true.

    It's 1:20pm here and I just came in from following the boy out into their yard. Happy to report the firmest piece of business in ages!
    happy, happy, thrill, thrill :-)

  3. woohooo.... sometimes a good poo is an amazing thing! good boy, Jake....

    okay...well, if they are not under 25 and they are bitchy...I say they are past their "best before date" I am rude behind all of their backs... and sometimes...directly to their mean faces. I am getting like my Dad..only sooner... as he told me I should. Hahahahha... not holding it in and stewing over it...that'll just give me ulcers... lol

    Oh, it is so good to hear there is some improvement though...


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