Friday, November 2, 2007

Oliver & Gus

Kitten love - Am pouring a hot bubble bath with my current favourite LUSH product - Tramp (a patchouli blend of natural essences) combined with a big splash of el cheapo President's Choice brand - Exact - Shea Butter bubble bath.

Why is it we feel that sadness is somehow a bad emotion, something that must be washed away, snapped out of or gotten over quickly? Why can't we just let sadness be, feel it and allow it to take it's time with us. That's a question I've been asking myself for as long as I can remember.
Thanks to Vee & Paula, and their thoughtful & caring comments read this morning by me, tears have turned to smiles,hope, appreciation and reminders of the present.

Tropical storm Noel is heading our way with heavy rains & wind for tomorrow. Yesterday plus 18C temperatures broke records. The leaves are almost all on the ground, my plants have all been brought in from their summer home, and I still have bulbs to plant. I need to call about my wood (which hasn't arrived yet) and confirm my appointment with Chimney Sweep No. 1. The plumber has been and I have new taps in both my bathrooms and no more annoying, not to mention wasteful, dribbling faucet in the bath next to my office. Items are getting crossed off, hatches are getting battened down, the time falls back Saturday evening which means darkness will fall shortly past 5pm but we'll be able to get going earlier in the mornings and the official beginning of winter is only three weeks away.

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