Monday, November 12, 2007

the early morning view, just after we've parked the car, and we're all (Jake,Winn & I) standing in the first overgrown pasture

Completely lazy day yesterday, accomplished nothing, but Sunday's are the one day of the week that it does seem OK to do nothing. The snow, which seemed to be happening in parts all around us, never did make it to our little village. Never the less it was (and still is) cold, wet and very windy. That scary kind of wind that makes the house creak & groan, that rattles the windows and churns up the harbour until it's a wild terracotta colour with huge white caps racing across it's surface. I was invited to BFF Harry's for a late afternoon family Sunday dinner of roast pork stuffed with apples and garlic, roasted root vegetables, homemade plum chutney, peas, beets and for desert apple pear crisp. All the fruits and vegetables harvested from their amazing gardens and orchard. It was delicious and I was back home with a very full belly, to see the Sweeties, early in the evening. Thankfully Harry lives just a very short car ride away.

I had a very restless sleep last night. You know those nights when it seems your awake and checking the time every hour on the hour. Between the stormy winds and the kittens, who were in full on, tag team safari mode, crashing & banging around in the laundry room (a mouse had left the safety of the interior walls of this old house) and was trying to find it's way back to where it came from. When I went into the laundry room to check on the ruckus I saw the mouse, and it scurried underneath a giant wardrobe cabinet and he/she was likely safe ... at least for awhile. Being woken up by the odd scuffle in the night between cats vying for a spot on the bed, hissing & fussing, or Winnie Dixon doing her bossy kitten police routine, I'm a very light sleeper at the best of times and all this activity was not helping with my insomnia. At one point I had three cats and both big dogs curled up in my 3/4 bed, a little crowded, but perfect on a blustery night, having them all with me, keeping me cozy & safe.

So I'm up again, with my cup of coffee, it's another new day, and I think it's going to be another great week, lots to do ... lots of design work and it's going to warm up mid week for a few days - +12C on Thursday ... I'll finally get those tulips planted.


  1. hahahah... how on earth do you get any sleep at all Susan with them all piled on top of you the mental image is hilarious.

  2. They run my life I'm afraid ... but I happily sleep with my knees tucked under my chin or lie in the same position until parts begin to feel all pins and needles less I jostle some snoozing cat (like Oliver) who does insist in sleeping on me. Life without pets ... I truly can't imagine.


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