Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Miss Dixon in a low light situation - I like the blur

Tuesday and it feels like Thursday, for some reason. I finally said the hell with it and turned my coffee on this morning just before 4am.

This winter time thing and darkness is turning me into a weirdo, and its getting worse every year. I'm becoming someone who wants to go to bed at 6:30 and then is up, lights a blazing vacuuming or some other crazy thing at 3:30 am the next morning. I'm a morning person, most definitely and when darkness falls I can't think of anything to do -"it's dark" (sure there are a zillion things that need to be done) but I don't have the oomph for projects in the evening so what are my choices? All the good TV doesn't seem to begin until after 9pm (way past my bed time) and I'm so used to taping shows that I like and then whizzing through all the commercials with my remote that I can't bear to watch TV in real time and suffer through all those commercials and honestly, lately, there is very little that I want to watch (thankfully). If I'm working on a deadline I am happy to sit at my desk in the evening with Barbara Bud & Carol Off on CBC radio happily working away on whatever project is currently on my plate. But if time is not of the essence...what I'd really like to do at 6:30, after I've done the dishes and tidied up the kitchen, is maybe make a cup of tea and retreat to the nest with a big stack of magazines, my striped cloth bag filled with recent library treasures, or my current bedside book, as many animals as I can coerce (last night I had both dogs and big fat Bleet who insists on lying on my chest directly under my chin and therefore making reading difficult), flannel sheets and a down duvet, a pile of pillows, more CBC radio ... heaven. I'm learning to live with the fact that I'm just on a different schedule then most of the rest of the world.

Good news and bad news re: the dog mobile. The bad news is we're car-less until the end of the week or later (a part needs to be ordered) the good news is it's the timing belt, that's caput, a normal not-a-big-deal problem. Not expensive (phew!) and my 11 year old car, our wagon will be back on the road tout suite! Plus, les chiens and I have actually been enjoying our covert walks around the park & harbour under the cover of darkness, dawn & dusk - our new temporary routine. And oh, so much sniffing & peeing - it's quite amazing. Obviously Jake & Miss Winnie Dixon are enjoying this particular route.

New big-fish-gift-ware-company jewellery design job begins today. I received my package from them yesterday, with actual samples and drawings, potential embellishments, colours & inspirations. My job is to take an existing product line, predominantly faith based angels and interpret this product line in jewellery. Fun & exciting, I love the style of the line and I can't wait to begin. That and another frame collection from Gift company No. uno. Happily busy...
at least until 6:30pm.

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