Sunday, December 2, 2007

miss Winnie Dixon with her snowy muzzle

Jake having a big ol' shake after making a doggy snow angel

Snowy & cold here this morning. The afternoon Christmas by the Sea festivities were canceled yesterday due to the blustery, snowy conditions and it continued to howl & blow all night. We didn't have any great accumulation of snow but the wind has blown it all around in drifts and gullies and I realize that I need to retrieve my shovel from the shed. We'll stay put this morning - no driving to the beach as I suspect the roads, this early on a Sunday morn, will still be treacherous. Instead, this morning I'll bundle up in my snow gear and we'll tromp around in their (Jake & Winnie's) giant fenced in dog yard and later in the day if things calm down a little we'll drive to the beach and maybe walk through, the now cow-free, pastures or we'll just walk down to the park and along the harbour now lit by 5 giant Christmas trees.

I have a big 15 photo frame project to get done in the next two days, so after my bath and some fun with the dogs, I'll have a quick chat with my sister and then hunker down at a tidy desk with a steaming mug of hot orange tea and get in a work groove. Goal is to try and draw 8 of the 15 today. It's perfect day to stay cozy inside.

Here's the recipe for a delicious orange tea drink to have hot and steaming. I like it better than mulled cider although it does have an ingredient I wouldn't normally have in my pantry -Tang orange crystals.

Orange Spice Tea

I package of Tang
1 envelope Crystal Light ice tea
1 tea bag of Chai spice tea

Add the above to about 8 cups of water in a large covered beverage container. Stir well & keep in the fridge. Heat on the stove or in the microwave, add a little water if it seems too strong, stir with a cinnamon stick. Perfect if you're feeling a cold coming on.

cookies purchased at a special Christmas by the Sea Farmers Market

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