snow dogs

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Jake and Winnie Dixon

Em digging for field mice

our winter afternoon walking place - the golf course

It's hilly and sheltered, with lots of wonderful enticing-to-dogs smells and plenty of squirrels chattering and taunting from high up in the trees. The squirrels seem to delight in playing daredevil stunts, rushing down trees and squealing across the open snow to zip up another tree, Winnie Dixon & Maggie hot on their heels. We walk here after lunch in the winter, with my friend Debbie and her three year old Golden Retriever Maggy Sue, Winnie's best girlfriend. It's a lovely reprieve from the cold and bitter winds coming off the water (or off the ice as there is no more open water) on our mornings walks at the beach.

My dogs and I have been walking here, in the winter, for years and years and just last year we introduced Debbie & Maggy to our secret walking spot and it's been great to have the company. Jake, Debbie and I stick mostly to the path while the other two rush through the trees playing partners in crime, in their futile attempts to bag a squirrel. Driving home yesterday afternoon, a 10 minute trip, Winnie's little brown eyes were closing and she was falling asleep sitting up and Jake was stretched out in the back seat. Happy, spent snow dogs. Smile.

Winnie and her best girlfriend Maggy Sue


  1. That is a beautiful fairway...lined with trees...... specially with the perfect snow.

  2. I am so delighted that I found your blog! I was poking around to see what was out there . . . I have longed to visit Nova Scotia from the time I was young since reading L.M. Montgomery's Anne books. Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you.


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