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Friday, December 28, 2007

I love that dog - Jake and me

Yesterday afternoon, around 4 pm Jake suddenly became very sick, it seemed instantaneous. His face looked dazed, his belly swollen, he could barely walk and the biggest clue that something was terribly wrong - he was totally disinterested in food. Minutes before he had been jumping up with his front paws on the counter so he could check things out, see if I had left any food items on the counter close enough that he could drag them onto the floor - and chow down. We walked at noon at the golf course and Debbie, Winnie Dixon, Maggy Sue and I could barely keep up to him, he was trotting along at a good clip the entire hour long walk. He was his normal energetic, filled with life, always hungry, dog and in an instant all that had changed. And I confess, I totally panicked - he just was SO sick looking. It was 10 past 4 and would be getting dark by the time we could get to our regular vet 45 minutes away (and I do avoid driving in the dark, although I was mustering my courage) I decided I'd go and I'd just drive slowly, at my own pace, and pullover if need be to let the speed demons go by me. A winter storm advisory was also in effect and blowing snow was supposed to begin at any time.

We skipped the idea of going to our regular vet a distance away and drove up the hill to the new vet. We were there an hour, another bad experience and more blunt conversations about cancer and tumours and likely filled with - yadayadyada. He's 13, I'm sure maybe he does have cancer, they told me the same thing at our regular vet when a very similar sickness struck him just as suddenly, nearly a year ago. But you couldn't convince me yesterday that this sudden weird sickness was cancer related - I was convinced that it was about something that he'd eaten - I felt sure that it was a digestive something going on, maybe terrible indigestion or bad gas from eating a bit of a toxic decomposing bunny or bunny poop (he's terrible for snuffing out and snarfing down dangerous delicacies while out on our walks). Winnie and I said a prayer and I gathered up some blankets and we all slept downstairs last night, on the living room floor, all three of us Jake, Winnie Dixon and me, curled up on various dog beds, with blankets, and a fire going. I had been crying for hours, I was afraid that he might be dying and I felt exhausted and scared and unable to sleep so I took and ativan 1mg (I have a small supply for nights just like this or for the odd scary dentist appt. and they work like a charm). Oliver curled up on my belly, Jake and Winnie beside me and both snoring peacefully and I slept ... I slept really well.

Skip to this morning - he's fine, he's fine, he cleaned the cat food dishes this morning and barked at me to give him more please. Sweetie Noodle dog your every wish is my command. It's another new day and my Noodle is better and back to his normal self. Thank you God.

Jake yesterday crossing the ice

11:00am we're recently back from our big normal beach walk, three girls and four dogs down snowy lanes and across snowy fields and pastures. He ran, he sniffed, he ate snow, he made big snowy dog angels and he begged for cookies - he's fine. Big deep sigh. No more swollen belly, no more glazed dazed look in his eyes, no more talk of dying with cancer.

I had a big breakfast of home made fish cakes, dill seasoned potato and smoked fish and coated with cornmeal, a sunny side up fried egg on the side and a huge blob of Harry's spicy zucchini chutney. Heavenly. My ativan/grief hangover is finally abating and I just made a big pot of chicken & dumplings (a favourite comfort food) and we're all hanging out in the living room, close to the fire. Today's mostly a research today. My next project from customer No. Uno is to knock myself off again with a line of "cute" baby/children's photo frames and I'm moved my laptop down here with us. We'll all go out again this afternoon, I'll run a few errands (post office and grocery store) and Winnie & Jake will sit patiently in the car and wait for me and then we'll head down to the point for another long walk in the snow.


  1. Scary...I'm glad to hear he's okay. I guess he's just not as able to process the icky stuff like he used to, eh?

  2. Thank goodness he's okay! I was holding my breath as I read that.

  3. Honestly for a few hours yesterday I thought to myself I'm losing him, as I lay in the dark last night listening to him breath - he was SO sick. Our prayers were answered (Winnie's & mine) and as we trudged through the snow this afternoon on our walk I made sure to stop and stand and look up into the big stormy sky all around us and say thank you to God - whoever he/she may be ...thank you!

  4. Oh, no.... I sure hope that is the last of the episode or episodes. Maybe it was that last bit of undigested sea crab or plastic bagel bag or ...something icky...

    You know... perhaps his tummy is just not the cast iron gut of a young pup anymore. I know mine sure isn't ...well, not that I was ever a young pup..but you know what I mean.. As I get older... it seems a bit more wobbly some days... and if I eat chocolate or drink a glass of wine for more than about 3 days in a row.... oh, oh oh... painful. Cut back to bland for a few days...and...right as rain. Who knows eh?

  5. I am delving back into your blog archives. Almost sorry I did. I now am going to have to walk with you and Jake to the inevitable sad end.


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