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Saturday, December 22, 2007

disco holly

Hmmmmmmnnnn! My morning java and laptop routine. Many of my blogging cohorts have posted their holiday greetings, thanks for visiting and come back after the new year posts. I've considered a break myself ... but have decided that no official stop in posting is planned. This blog is like my journal and I wouldn't miss a day in my journal, although there might be a day or two when my writing is sparse and concise (for a change). So ... no plans to stop blogging at 29 Black Street over the holidays.

I'm gearing up for the dawn of a New Year so lots to be thinking about, lots of planning and stuff that needs to be said out loud to someone else, to you. I know I have a few of you out there, cheering me on, rooting for my success, commiserating with me when it's appropriate, and extending a cyber hand when I need it. And it means SO much to me and has helped me, along my journey, incredibly.

I have almost a week of design project free-ness (few things to finish up today) and I want, must, need to tackle some major thing in this old house. I'm thinking it must be my office and all work related organization (files, supplies etc...). How fantastic would it be to begin the New Year in a finished beautiful and organized office/studio space that is so crystal clear in my mind and really, very attainable, it's half finished now - the story of so much of my home/house life - begun but not yet finished.

I want (and have wanted) my studio to be a place that I can't wait to be in and am in no hurry to leave, I want a well stocked and organized supply cabinet, I want an extra big table that I can set my sewing machine up on or that I can work on big projects, I want all my reference books and catalogues an arm's length away, and I want great lighting so I can work easily and comfortably at night if need be. I want glossy black floors and creamy white trim. I have a fantastic new (to me) huge teak desk just waiting to be moved in. I have art to hang, rugs to unroll and dog and cat beds to position. BFF Harry will give me a hand with any lifting and schlepping of furniture that needs to be done, and he'll help with installing the shelves that are a must. It's all there, every last perfect detail well thought out in my little brain. I just need to do it.

It's a gift that I need to give myself, because 2008 - well look out - 'cause I think it's going to be a great year!

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  1. oh, Susan....what a great way to begin the New Year. Perfect creating space!

    Comandeer good ol' Harry and make it happen.... you deserve it.

    I love being one of your blog buddies and won't be just taking any holidays over the Christmas either. We have not much to do with no family near..truth be known,... don't want it anymore will be happily doing our own little things...and checking in here regularly.... with my new family of bloggers that are around too.


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