Thursday, December 13, 2007

December page from my Cavallini 2007 vintage map calender

Cavallini wall calenders have amazingly beautiful prints, printed on heavy cream paper (13 x 19), suitable for framing and they come in a great assortment of subjects. I'm still debating which calender I'll choose for 2008 - which shockingly is just around the corner. I'm thinking that I might get the Butterfly calender or maybe the Japanese Woodblocks ... so hard to choose they are all so beautiful. The wall calenders are available at Chapters/Indigo in Canada and at Barnes & Nobles in the US. Cavallini's entire product line is amazing & lovely.

This morning I'm making a quick trip to town with BFF Harry for groceries - he's driving (yeah!). I do love being a passenger much more than I like being the driver - especially now with snowy roads. We'll gab & chatter the whole way there and back, the time and trip will fly by and we'll both stock up with the remains of our pre-Christmas shopping and likely be home by lunch or shortly after. I'm going to be brief this morning as I still need to make my list. Proper shopping must have a list and I really don't want to forget anything.

Received another job from customer No. Uno yesterday afternoon. I do so love having lots of design work and keeping really busy. And amazingly I've been having worry pas sleeps all week which is lovely. More snow, more cold - wind chill of -25 this morning. Brrrrrrrrr

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  1. have fun shopping with Harry...

    I am looking for some mascara and a necklace with some teal colours in it today... oh, and trying on shoes....aaakk!!


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