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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

wreath detail 4pm sunlight

Another photo of the wreath by my front door. Basked in that warm, golden, low in the sky, 4pm winter (actually it's still autumn until Saturday) light. I was going to post another photo (I've added it at the end of this entry) which I've titled snow. A beautiful landscape of layered whiteness taken a few weeks ago when the snow wasn't quite as deep and crunchy in the pastures where we walk and the temperatures were just cold - not frigid and bitter. Sigh.

I let Winnie and Jake out to pee in their fenced in yard just past 5am this morning and the sky was clear and filled with stars and my sun porch (just off my living room, it's door leading to the dog's yard) windows are completely covered with curtains of frosty ice crystals. My sun porch is now filled with rows and rows of stacked fire wood because (yeah!) the wood piling fairy, Mathew, has arrived and completed his yearly magic . And ... it's cold out there, so what's new it seems? the weather network's site says -9C (with wind chill) feels like -18C - boo hiss! yada yada yada. Will this blog become a broken record of temperature and wind chill reports? Is this the new story of my life? Coldness. Sadface :-(

I think this is what makes winter seem long. Not the darkness at 5pm, not the snow and chilly weather, but the bone chilling, cheek chapping, bitter, cold, deep freeze that makes you not want to go outside. The girls I walk with have been teasing me, this is a side of me they've never seen. This grumbling, complaining and cursing under my breath Little Miss Negative. Gone is the girl who's usually the one pointing out hawks or bald eagles, rainbows or beautiful cloud formations, or how the just risen sunlight is playing on the golden pastures or on the frolicking golden retrievers - well she's gone. Now, I can barely see out of my wrapped up & hooded, head banded, toqued head to appreciate the beautiful landscape where I walk each day. grumble, grumble.

snow - the perfect amount


  1. Make sure you are truly dressed for the weather helps.

    Not just head coverings either. I don't even find longjohns warm...they are too tight to the skin for me.
    I wear my 'jammies under some corduroy jeans for me. They are cold all the time. And proper boots.... Sorels are great. And don't get them too small...loose enough fit for nice thick natural fabric socks. Wool or cotton..I can't wear wool itches me something fierce.
    A down-filled long coat...forget a short parka... it doesn't cover the tops of your legs... some people don't even think about covering their butts...but it needs to cover to keep warm. I always also wear a good scarf..crossed in front of my chest to add warmth and keep my core warm. I never get a cold ...ever... and I think it is because I make sure my neck and chest area is well protected when I go out in windy or rotten weather.

    I guess you could also run a bit with the dogs... or at least hop up and down..flap your arms... keep moving at a quicker pace..... run circles around poor Carol just to keep warm.

    It could be worse; it could be -35C.... and will be at least it will be. I can count on that.

  2. But Vee, it's so fun to complain, especially to complain about something as futile as our Canadian winter weather.

    I lived in Calgary one winter back when I was just a youngin' when many of us East Coasters found ourselves seeking fortune and fortune "out west". No chinooks the winter I was there (it figures) and I can remember with brutal clarity waiting on MacLeod Trail for my bus to downtown. Freezing. I worked in a bank in the heart of downtown oil-land and likely was not dressed for work like Nanook of the North. I would practically cry as I waited in that bitter dry western cold, my eye lashes eventually freezing together with clumps of ice leaving me not only frozen but blind as well. Finally, finally I would see the bus come barreling down the hill, and so many mornings, it just barelled on by me, packed to the gills with other frozen commuters. I couldn't cry because by now my tear ducts were also frozen. It was tres horriblé!.

  3. yeh, I hear ya. Everybody talks about the weather .... specially n winter in Canada.

    Hey.. c'mon back Susan.. they send out second buses right away now if one is full! hahah... ... but, seriously, your eyelashes will still be frozen together and your nostrils will stick to themselves when you breathe through your nose... hahha... yeh...awful. I just stay home on the worst days. Shop ahead if I know the forecast..and they are pretty "on" with those these days. I don't have to go downtown now that I am not working anymore...thank goodness.

    But, I still prefer Calgary to B.C. where my sister lives..(I used to live there.) We have lots of beautiful sunshine all winter..even at -30C. She is socked in from about Oct to March.. awful. ..never sees the sun.


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