vas tu au Mall ?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

looking inland along our beach yesterday afternoon 4pm

I just scanned and emailed out another bunch of thumbnail drawings - this time home decor mirrors that continue the same motifs of a recent grouping of photo frames. Had an email yesterday from K. at new big fish company (re: jewellery project) telling me that I had sent her so many wonderful ideas that she, at first, felt overwhelmed by them - too difficult to choose. Big smile. Her task to use my ideas and present to those above her that make the big decisions, sale-able individual marketing programs (different price points, suggested merchandising, packaging and so on) for the different groupings of jewellery. I asked her if it was at all possible, I would love to have some further direction before the Christmas break so that I can have a project to work on between Christmas and New Year's - Mama's gotta bring home the bacon for those sweet dogs & cats and she likes to have a steady stream of bacon comin' in.

I'm off on a shopping day today. Off with a friend to Atlantic Canada's largest shopping mall - Champlain Place. A once a year tradition. I'll be happily trapped in a car with an excellent driver for an hour there and back and we'll gab and get caught up (this is a friend that I don't see often). We'll synchronize our watches upon arrival and off we'll go in different directions with a few hours of purposeful shopping ahead of us. I'm shopping pour moi - I've become a terribly frugal person, sometimes even a little too frugal and money's always tight but this Christmas with several big fat invoices out there and cheques soon to follow, I've decided to treat myself to a few things. Here's my list.

- a new Cavallini wall calender from Chapter's Book Store
- a frosty Frappucino from Starbucks while browsing at Chapter's.
- some bubble bath & hand cream from the Body Shop
- new socks (and many pairs) from Walmart, inexpensive bulk buying.
- maybe one really nice pair of socks from Roots - I'll have a look
- and a cheapo clock radio with a CD feature for listening to Books on CD in bed
- new NYC (cheap) make up from Shopper's Drugmart

I'm hoping that we'll be home again before dark. Pouring my bath and I must go make my list ...and then I'll be checking it twice.

looking out into the Northumberland Strait


  1. Hi Susan. What a lovely photo. It's my first time to your blog via DFM, and it's so nice to meet another Canadian blogger. Love your site and photos, and will be back! Happy holdiays!


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