Tuesday, December 25, 2007

a Christmas bouquet

Flowers dropped off yesterday along with homemade food gifts of fish cakes and baked beans, zucchini chutney and treats for the cats and dogs from BFF Harry and his partner Joe. This morning I'll curl up in the living room and have my morning coffee with my gang of cats and dogs. With chorale music on CBC radio, we'll sit by the light of my little Christmas tree and the crackling fire will warm us all ... a nice change from our usual morning routine.

11:00 am update. Had a lovely long walk early this morning, down the cliff and onto the beach and then through seaside pastures, with our friends Debbie and Maggy Sue (golden retriever). Home to stoke the fires and to make a big pot of squash, brown rice and beef dog food for les chiens- my dogs, especially Miss Dixon, LOVE squash. 6 little mincemeat tarts in the oven pour moi, a newly discovered very adult taste, mincemeat is and I do believe I'm making up for lost years. A tart warmed in the oven, with a small blob of hard sauce and a small scoop of vanilla ice cream - heaven ! Puttering this Christmas morning, all the while listening to amazing traditional Christmas music on CBC radio. And now am just about to jump in the bath and get doodied up a bit for Christmas dinner and Christmas cheer at Carol & Gary's home. I think this is shaping up to be one of the nicest holidays that I can remember.


  1. cakes. I fell in love with those during my year in Nova Scotia. And chow-chow...oh yeah. Sounds like you're having a lovely day. Enjoy...and happy happy!

  2. oh, beautiful flowers from Harry!
    Isn't a quiet Christmas just the best?
    At home we had some pretty noisy, mean and hateful ones with dear old Dad and his booze... I guess that is why I am now blissfully happy to do nothing and have nobody around but us. Nobody to fall in the Christmas tree and wreck it... ..nobody to yell at us or whack us around.... lovely.. .. whew...we survived and live to laugh at it.

    Have a great day Susan.....
    (uh... I still don't like mincemeat )

  3. Mmmmmm, fishcakes and zucchinis dropped at your front door! That's my kind of christmas.

    Have yourself a merry day!


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