happy holidays

Monday, December 24, 2007

Peace on earth .... and goodwill to all living things.

I wish everyone a happy holiday season filled with family and friends
and lots of good cheer.

Well its finally Christmas Eve and all through our house many creatures are stirring including at least one little mouse. Though Christmas is practically a non event here at 29 Black Street I feel very content and happy this Christmas Eve morn. December has been a busy month at Susan Black Design (creatively satisfying and lucrative - a perfect combination), my fire wood is all in and stacked beautifully, my family of animals are all healthy and happy, my little list of fall/winter things to fret about has all been crossed off and I sleep well, snug as a bug, in my nest of flannel and I feel very fortunate to be living my life.

Overnight we've had a wee mild spell, which suits me just fine. The temperature this morning is +10C (lovely) and raining (golashes required for this morning's hike) but it won't last long as it's going to cool off again, just to seasonal (-1C to -4C) which is totally tolerable. It's the arctic deep freeze, wind chill weather (the -10C but the wind makes it feel like -25C = wind chill) that I can't stand. I just checked the 14 day trend at the Weather Network web site and the next 2 weeks are predicted to be above seasonal, the entire stretch.
Big smile!

This illustration is a Christmas card I that I designed for our local animal shelter. Bleet & Winnie Dixon were my models and my inspiration.


  1. Merry Christmas and best wishes for joy and happiness in the New Year.

  2. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and let you know that your blog has been a bright spot for me during the past few months. The serenity you have is a wonderful contrast to my own chaotic life, and I very much enjoy reading about your days.

  3. Merry Christmas to you as well Paula and Robin and cats!

    and to J. I'm so happy that my blog has been a bright spot for you and I do hope that this holiday season brings you a bit of serenity amongst the chaos. We (les chiens) and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

    and a special Bonne Fete Noel to my blogging pal Vee!

  4. I knew it!! As soon as I saw the picture of your card, I just knew who the models were! Awww ...so cute! I would buy those cards in a heartbeat! They are great.

    Happy Christmas Susan...hope you are enjoying a warm fire and a toddy or something fun with the furry little buddies. Ours is a very quiet little affair too. Just us.
    We will sip some wine and have popcorn while watching the old Scrooge... A Christmas Carol with Alistair Simm. Love to see that one each year.

    I too love to read your blog.... as you know.... tx for the wonderful pics,interesting "conversation", and the thoughts and ponderings that make us all pick our brains from time to time.

    Best wishes and a big Christmas hug from your blog buddy ..


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