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Friday, December 21, 2007

a birch tree in my back yard

Of dreams and goals and brand new years. December 21, the days are whooshing by, rushing toward the 25th and I'm I've done most of the Christmas stuff that I'm going to do - which I'm afraid is basically nothing. I have made a giant note to self that if doing things like baking, designing my own Christmas cards and making hand made gifts are really important for me to do, I must begin in October. December has been a really busy month at my little one person design shop. Project after project and a few even overlapping. It's been fantastic and this past week I've had night after night of sound, peaceful, worry free sleeps. None of that staring wide awake at the ceiling at 2am fretting about this and that and things in between, mostly having to do with money or the lack of it.

I'm a girl who loves the New Year, anyone who's been with me and this blog for a time knows that I love to plan and love to make lists. In my head, and often even in reality, I am a big time overachiever, type A (and proud of it) gal, who's got big, huge, well considered and detailed, goals and dreams and with a brand new year, a new slate, an ever optimistic and hopeful attitude, combined with a pinch of courage and strength, well, I do believe I can accomplish anything that suits my fancy. And my fancy's gotta a big list for 2008. I do believe that this year coming will be that banner year (I know I say that every year, but that's where the ever optimistic and hopeful attitude has served me well), The Year, the year that I say goodbye to some old & very tired habits and traits that weigh me down and no longer serve me, the year my business really takes off. Oh I could go on and on.... but we're still 11 days away from the new year I must try and save some of these dreams and goals for later.

I have been SO inspired by many of the wonderful creative blogs that I visit on a daily basis. Who knew that there were so many women out there doing what I'm doing, women who have their own creative businesses from their homes, many selling their wares on Etsy (another 2008 goal of mine) and my life has been inspired and enriched by all of them. I feel, suddenly, like I have this wonderful, rich, creative community here at my desk, at my laptop in my office that looks over the frozen harbour, in my little seaside village here in Nova Scotia. Which is amazing and I am truly grateful. So ... thank you to all of you out there in blog land.

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  1. This is lovely, Susan. I'm sure 2008 will be a banner year with an attitude like that! BTW, thanks for recommending poppytalk. I hadn't heard of it before, so I look forward to checking it out. Merry Christmas!


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