snow ness

Friday, December 14, 2007

snow Ness

Up a bit early this morning, trying to make up the few hours lost last evening by going to bed (or to the nest) with kittens and cats and magazines at an ungodly early hour - before 7pm - (sheepish look). I was tired, tired at 3pm and tired at 4pm and by 6:30 I just gave in to myself. I'm quite sure the tiredness was due to my extreme consumption, lately, of bad foods. Gumdrops (left over from failed Holiday Baking), croissants smeared with butter (eek!) (bought from the 50% off rack yesterday), not enough, or maybe not any, fruit and veggies for days and my system was saying. What's up with this ? Let's go to bed! Not good. I've gained 5 lbs in a week or so it seems, and ... this happens every year. It's that pre-Christmas food aholics OMG look at all this yummy bad stuff (chocolates and cookies and chocolate dipped cookies...) I-must-eat-it-all-now thing that happens every December. Sigh.

I'm having lunch out today, with my friend Helen, former village librarian - a high profile friend to have. We'll go to the one and only gig in town and we'll have what we have every time we go for lunch (which is usually once a month or so) - the bacon cheeseburger platter - uh huh, I did say platter. The best hand cut homemade fries, homemade burgers, buttered toasted buns with a side of creamy coleslaw. It's heavenly, it's the best cheeseburger platter that I've ever had and it's right here in our little village. I'll have a fruit yogurt smoothie for breakfast and some carrots sticks and raw cauliflower for dinner to make up for this noon time badness (yeah right :-)

Photos today of my beautiful fat black velvet Nessie (Bleet), a much loved member of this household menagerie, hangin' out in the snow. Anyone who's had more than one cat knows how incredibly different and distinct all their cat personalities are - Nessie's one of those very weird cats (he's anti-social & skittish with people, heaven forbid you have to give him a pill because he turns into a 100lb wild black panther, he has a loud and almost instantaneous purr, and I think he secretly fancies himself a dog since he was reared by retrievers here at Black Street). He's weird in a very good way ...

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