Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nessie (Bleet) enjoying the birds

Today is an in between day. A day that I'm in between projects. I'm not expecting to have further direction on my jewellery project until later in the week and I'm also waiting with bated breath for the gang at No. Uno company to deem my latest batch of thumbnails (madly drawn, shaded, smudged and emailed yesterday afternoon) worthy or not. Val, the woman I work with who gives me all my direction and instruction at No. Uno company, a woman I've worked with for over 5 years, seems to love practically everything that I draw, but alas, hers is not the only opinion that counts - and this latest batch of drawings was being printed out and whisked away to a meeting with the gang to be pitched & promoted, on my behalf, by Val. I can only sit here in Nova Scotia (they're in Boston) cross my fingers and hope that the freelance Gods will shine down on me and my thumbnails.

I've been taping Martha Stewart's show to watch in the evenings with my supper. Her count down to Christmas is in full swing, her make it, bake it, deck it, trim it, DIY fest is on... just to rub a little glitter* in my wounds. Today she's hosting the editor's of Blueprint - my favourite decor magazine (along with Domino), so I'll look forward to curling up on the sofa, ce soir, with my TV tray to watch, while I fend off the marauding gang of pets who will either try to steal my supper (B
leet or Lulu) or will rest their (Jake) snout on the side of the sofa, eyes piercing into my hungry brain, and beg until I cave and share and then Winnie (whose been lying near bye, not begging - always the good dog) will have that raised eyebrows, ears perked up what am I chopped liver? look on her face... so more sharing. It's a nightly event made more dramatic depending on how enticing the fare may be. Gussie & Oliver as of yet, thankfully, do not partake in this nightly harassment.

So, today is kind of like a day off for me. A day that I can choose what to do instead of working on an imposed design deadline. I can choose from my list of 327+ items of things that need to be done, want to be done or should be done. Oh the pressure ... oh how fun. Think I'll go grab another cup of java, pour my smelly Lush bubble bath and make a list ...

*speaking of glitter. Have you seen Martha's collection of craft supplies at Michaels which includes the most amazing collection of very fine glitter in a myriad of beautiful colours. I remember watching an episode years ago where she had a cheap plastic set of children's tiny zoo/jungle animals and she glittered them - turning them from cheap plastic nothingness into spectacular holiday decorations ... that Martha.


  1. Hate to break it to you, but Martha Stewart is putting the kaibosh on Blueprint. I read about it in a magazine industry blog a couple of days ago:

  2. say it ain't so Patti! I just renewed my subscription :-(

  3. I gotta say. I just LOVE your photo.

    I love Martha Stewart too... but it's too American - and the American politics isn't so stable...

    I'm just wondering what LUSH products you've got. LOL

  4. hey curiosity killer, My fav LUSH products, at the moment, are shower gels which I use as bubble bath. Tramp - a herbal patchouli scent, Blue Skies more patchouli mixed with other scents and anything Karma scented- patchouli and orange - amazing. But to be honest I haven't really met a LUSH product that I didn't like and I've tried many. You should check out a LUSH shop in Hong Kong - here's the link OMG I just checked out the HK site myself and you can't get Tramp there :-( but !!! you have a Karma shower gel, I didn't know such a thing existed. Wow! try it, you'll love it I can practically guarantee. Let me know, S.

  5. Susan... I put the shortbread on my food blog... with pics...hope I got it the same twice. lol....

  6. hi Vee, Just left your Tea & Scones blog and tried to leave a message there but ? wasn't working. Thanks for both baking ideas. Shortbread and biscotti both look very festive, easy and your parcels looked beautiful. merci! from NS


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