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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

scenes from this mornings' walk along our beautiful harbour - Hey ! we have a new boardwalk

17 years of mad crazy dog* love vs 7 months of human love

You can see why the jury's still out on whether I could, would or will ever love the cowboy as much, as deeply, and as madly as I love my dogs. It's a different kind of love - dog love and it's the kind I'm the most accustomed to, it's the kind of love I crave. The cowboy understands ... he and I met in the park a month after he'd said goodbye to his long time love Abby, a rescued black lab who'd been his constant companion, his confidant and best friend for years and years.

I remember one visit I had with my doctor, a dog lover, a man who's very happily married with two sons who he adores. We would always end our meetings with a chat about our dogs and he said to me, this particular day his eyes watery remembering a special dog who had shared their home and life that your relationship with a dog is the only truly authentic relationship you'll ever have. I've never forgotten that conversation. Not everyone would understand what he meant ... but I did, I do.

Miss D and I had a great walk this morning. She was full of beans & trotting along way out at the far end of her retractable lead** gently tugging us along our entire walk. Happy sigh. Lower tide today and we were on the beach where we love to walk. Home again she ate her breakfast with great enthusiasm and gusto and she's sleeping now in her office under the teak topped desk.

* and cat love of course ! for Rachel
** you might wonder why Miss D is seldom off leash ... simply put - terrier mix born to chase ...


  1. oh, how I'm loving your recently-discovered blog! My "wild Irish" Rose came to me 12 years ago from a rescue clinic and looks much like a white version of Miss Win... oh, I love that old girl ... she was very likely between 2 and 5 years old the day she came to live with me, so is now a very senior citizen. Still sweet and happy, but no more long walks...
    thank you for sharing your lovely pictures and thoughts with us.

  2. Cat love is often just as profound, but you can't be certain how demonstratively it will be returned! And cats can ignore us in a way that dogs just can't. Cats like to keep us on our toes....

    I'd wondered about that leash. Nice to hear she's perkier today.

  3. That last look seems to say "That was my crab and I wasn't done with it".

    Dog love. It just is. Can't explain it. Just gotta have it.

  4. I do agree Rachel ... as you know I'm totally smitten with my man Oliver. I think it's the companionship and extroverted nature of dogs that has kept me afloat all these years.

    I've always said Missy D's favourite words are Do ya ? It never matters what the Do ya might refer to, she always says a resounding and enthusiastic YES!

    B Shamu - she's also saying OK, o-k-a-y more photograph taking I might as well sit a spell - she's so patient with me.

  5. Well, she definitely seems stronger and more herself this morning. I am praying that is a good sign. She looks so gorgeous against the bright green grass background in that one particular photo. We love Winnie so much! Some prayers of thanksgiving today and more for her continued good health. XOXOXO

  6. Have you heard about Digby? My heart has been breaking over that.

    And I could never take Apple off lead. One squirrel and I'd be chasing her across state lines.

  7. What a great heartfelt post that mom can relate to
    Benny & Lily

  8. What big skies you have!
    I'm so glad to have found your blog, your photographs really are wonderful. I think I'm going to have to go back through your posts and catch up with the storylines though! I'm glad Miss D is feeling better, and I love your beautiful Bess.
    We have a love affair with our dogs too. With the Jack Russell it can sometimes be a bit on-off, as he can be a little devil!
    Best wishes

  9. I LOVE your blog and today especially so, so I felt I must comment! It is so nice to read about someone who understands Dog Love so well. I have a large human family; husband, children, grandchildren and yet I do love my animals in a different and special way. I have often heard and read that people feel that Dog Love is just a replacement for People Love and it just ISN'T! It is its own WONDERFUL thing!
    Your Miss Winnie reminds me so much of my old dog, Annie, who I still miss so much (it has been well over a decade since I laid her to rest and I still miss her everyday.) I also feel that way about my old cat Inga - so yes, Cat Love is just as profound as Dog Love.
    Thanks for SUCH a lovely blog entry ~ it warmed my heart!

  10. Nice photos, Susan, and I know -- oh, how I know -- what your friend meant by his statement that the only true relationships you will ever have are with your dogs.

  11. I have a little catching up to do with your posts Susan. The photos in this post are lovely, but can I just add what a beautiful example of fine animal portraiture you've captured in the previous post with Winnie resting her head on the arm of the sofa!Many a pet owner would be thrilled with such a representation of their beloved pet. If you could only get others pets to sit still long enough, you certainly have a gift as a photographer there,(along with your many other creative talents.)You capture the spirit of Winnie so perfectly.


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