pinch me again

Sunday, May 2, 2010

1.) geraniums 2.) Miss Winnie D lounging in the sunshiny chocolate brown guest room

Me: are you afraid of anything ? (I was thinking of things like heights, darkness, swarms of bees, propane, gas, loud sputtering chopping machines, strange noises, rough & stormy seas ...)

The cowboy: No ... well, I guess I was afraid of loneliness

Me : (smiling knowingly) me too

Oh yeah ! pinch me again one more time.

He likes to do all the things that I hate doing and I love doing all the things he hates doing.

I, or I guess I should say WE, (with a big ol' freakin' lilt in my out-in-the-garden voice) had the most lovely productive day here at 29 Black Street yesterday. That darn cowboy mowed and mowed and mowed some more. I supplied him with tall cool glasses of water and made him his favourite sandwich for lunch. He enthusiastically pushed his own beast rouge (tuned up to be a mean red mowing machine) round and round the lands surrounding this old brick house while I contentedly puttered and putzed outside weeding flower beds, adding manure and compost, dividing (moving) perennials, chunks of this and that and planted seeds - cosmos, poppies, columbine and more poppies* (possibly my favourite flower). All the while scheming and planning my terracotta gardens wish list while being serenaded non-stop a go-go by the incredible assortment of birds who call this garden home and in particular we listened to a lovely all afternoon concert from a tres handsome, new to the neighbourhood red winged blackbird (hear him here). By this time the cowboy was up on the roof patching a leak and removing dead, gone wild creeping vine a vine that had climbed up the side of this old brick house and up onto the roof and was threatening to cover us completely (like this scary vine). So much sighing goin' on and of the very best kind - the swooning kind.

* including some lovely black beauties sent to me from the team who lives in NuT


  1. Every time I think I'm done crying from happiness over you two, BAM, tears again. Beautiful imagery there.

  2. What on earth made you imagine he might be afraid of loud sputtering chopping machines? He LOVES such things! Even we know that!

    Great pelargoniums, BTW.....

  3. contented puttering really is one of those undeclared luxuries of life and to do it with someone you love--even better. :)

  4. So pleased that you are happy with your cowboy, I really enjoyed reading about your day spent in the garden.
    Your red flowering geraniums are gorgeous, I love the fragrance of the foliage, I am trying to strike a white geranium from a cutting.
    You posted a beautful photo of a creamy/white cosmos flower on this blog quite some time ago, it was stunning. I am trying to find some yellow and white flowering cosmos here but without much success. ♡


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