the one thing

Sunday, May 30, 2010

salmon orange quince blossoms (from the cowboy's gardens) - sigh

I have a new plan - and one that I've actually put into practice this past week and with great success. I'm actually doing something that best friend and designer gal MLou and I have chatted about many times - an idea that she has suggested to me on more than one occasion knowing that I am an obsessive and compulsive to-do list maker and I have a grand penchant for putting way too many items on each days list - that way ensuring ammunition at each day's end for much disappointment, rejection and bad thoughts (toward self).

I now have one thing on my to-do list each day. Uh Huh !

Now of course it doesn't mean that I only do one thing, but like all of us I have a lengthy list of have been meaning to do for like ever things, you know those items that just never seem to get done - their un-doneness constantly leering and jeering at you from their dark, dingy and dusty corner. So ... this past week I've been putting one (just one) of those dreaded, procrastination with a capital P, items on the to-do table each day ... and those darn things are getting done (sighing). One by one, day by day - merci (yet again) MLou. I still make a little list, tres neatly penned of course, on each new blank page of my daytimer, the little list of tend to's : call the insurance co., email so and so, mail this & that but I have one, and only one, task to accomplish each day ... and ya know I'm thinkin' I might even take Sunday's off.

The one thing ... it's a very good thing


  1. I know you got one thing done and I for one, am over the moon. So I think you're ahead for the year. Everything else is gravy.

  2. Very sensible. Sometimes I find old lists - some very old, even years old! - and there are things on them that still haven't been done. A bit embarrassing, really.

  3. Have you ever thought of doing a book of your photographs? They're really wonderful you know.

  4. B Shammy - you have no idea ! Rachel - perhaps you & I were separated at birth and thank you so much for the lovely compliment Pamela. It is an obsession with me - taking photographs - a lovely obsession. A very happy Sunday to all.

  5. I do love my To Do lists, too! :)

    The quince blossoms are just stunning!


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