happiness is

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

who's the man ? uh huh ! it's tres handsome (and very athletic) Oliver - most amazing cat ...

Happiness is ... {
No. 84} - feeling productive.

I'm beginning this new week without a project currently on the go here at the TTD*. I finished up a thrilling new typographic product design job last week for my main customer/company and instantly I found myself feeling a bit on edge.
That no new project in the pipeline feeling. That all my eggs are pretty much in one darn basket feeling. That how is it that I've been living this at times tres nerve wracking freelance life for almost 9 years feeling ??? and all these rapid fire thoughts followed instantly by Oh my, where would I be without the cowboy ? (and all the wonderful love, safety and security that came bundled up along with his handsome, absolutely perfect for moi, self). Why go there ? I remind myself. Because ... I reply (to self) it reminds me to be grateful, oh so very grateful, every single day and all the time.

Miss D and I are about to hit the streets. There's much needed rain in the forecast for today.
I have my ongoing list of need to do's and must do's to attend to and we'll see if we can't just drum up another thrilling design project.

and Hey there Madam Universe ! I'd love to go here ... maybe Shammy would meet me there

*TTD - teak topped desk


  1. Oh my, those picture of the magnificent Oliver are just, well, magnificent. What a gorgeous cat and what an excellent photographer.

  2. I had a (very long) day trip over that way once, when I was staying in San Francisco - and it was stunningly beautiful. Go!

  3. Sweet sweet photo.
    I'd so love to go on the photography trip. Wouldn't that be the best? I'll dream about it.

  4. Safety comes in so many forms - love is by far the best.

    Fantastic photography workshop!


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