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Monday, May 17, 2010

snippets from yesterday's time spent flitting about the terracotta gardens here at 29 Black St.


Lost in that very good way. Your thoughts gone, disappeared ... gone somewhere else and who cares where. Your mind a vacant lot.

Lulled by the sound of chattering finches. I toiled and tilled, dragged and divided, weeded and lovingly transplanted things. A flox with Burgundy leaves and pink flowers from the front garden, hostas (I now have three colours - all green, chartreuse*, and a half and half cream & green variegated - my next acquisition is the blue green variety), oriental poppies (who always protest loudly at being moved, they crumple and dry up trying to convince you that they've died- but they will come back, I'm sure of it) and a tiny half dead (from lack of sun) peony. Yesterday was a day spent, almost entirely, in a kind of heavenly outdoor meditation.

Meanwhile Doug happily mowed and mowed and then schlepped wheelbarrows full of soil to fill large ruts left by a tractor last fall (another contractor horror story bringing the total now to 14) dans the giant fenced in dog area and home of the newly formed petite pond and red winged black bird habitat. I've decided to call him Doug here, after all that is his name and I have posted his photo many times. As much as he did remind me terribly of Sam Elliot when I first met him with his handsome silver hair and very tall moustache - he is not a cowboy, he's a Prince (at least most of the time). He's the handiest, smartest man I've ever known.

Watching me gardening is like watching me houseclean (me and houseclean now that's a misnomer -yikes). I'm a flit-ter. I flit from task to task leaving my tools like scattered bread crumbs behind me and throughout the yard. Mind you it (the yard that is) is so huge, so apparently daunting (to moi at times) overgrown, neglected and jungle-ish that there are so many things that need attention I get distracted very easily. Distracted and me are the best of pals. But the times when I actually did perch for a spell–specifically at a large stone edged bed in the back garden that I'm working on. A bed situated under a large, about to bloom, flowering crab, in a patch of dappled sunshine and with a choir of birds singing to me–I was in heaven. I do love this house (I always have) and I do love this giant yard, I love the breeze, the sun, the birds, the thick expanse of greens - in every shade and hue imaginable and boy oh boy I sure do love that Prince (oATG)**

apres les beauty shots (above) I have conceded and actually pulled back my camera angle considerably so that you might see some of what we're actually dealing with (below). For all you naysayers who think I tend toward exaggeration when I declare the jungle like and tangled personality of les terracotta gardens - feast your eyes on a few of our before shots. And especially for our friend Rachel & the team from NuT, we know she'll be tickled with these views.

* chartreuse Pamela is also a favourite colour of mine in the garden
** oATG - of All Things Good


  1. Fabulous! So much space! So much potential! And no chance whatsoever of making it a sterile, manicured, character-free showpiece! I love it. A life's work for you both; just the ticket.

  2. I'm a haphazard gardener, too. Your pattern sounds a lot like mine. I like to think it's because I'm an artist. Or maybe in my case, just ADD? Doug? A name fit for a prince.

  3. I am a flit-ter too; pretty haphazard about most things. Nature is abundant in your yard. I wouldn't mind hanging out there, listening to the birds and smelling all the nature smells.

  4. I've never doubted your jungle musings.

  5. Oh yeah...... now that's a yard! It's so perfect even in jungle form.... who would want to change it..... well, with the exception of a bit of clearing and re-arranging.... it'll be great once you get it slightly under control...all that's needed really.... and what are yards for anyway? Just a place to play and enjoy and then sit around and admire.... and city lots are usually just too dinky for that.... lucky you.......

  6. I love the WILDNESS of it!!! And those tulips are beautiful. Don't you love working together? We definitely DO and recommend it highly. It is so nice to have HELP when you are tackling a big project. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. It looks wonderful and untamed to me!!!

  7. I feel like I'm gardening along side you Susan, with those stunning close-up shots. It's wonderful to lose yourself in the microcosm of a garden, especially when you have help! The cats must see it as a pouncy heaven/haven, and birds, bees, crawling and flittery things must thank you daily.x

  8. Glorious inages, glorious words...and I can flot about the yard,never really getting it all done...but what would the fin be in doing it all with precision?

    Nope, I like to ramble...:)


  9. It is shaping up so wonderfully while maintaining that wild feel to it we all so love. What a labour of love you both are doing there.


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