Wednesday, May 26, 2010

favourite pink tulips from the terracotta gardens displayed in a deco cruet from Flo's house

No. of times this bouquet was knocked over by cats (?) before I photographed it - 4

Beware of flower displays in clear glass vases or containers. There seems to be some fascination with water - water that must be ultimately spilled for the utmost in cat satisfaction. The flowers then dragged about a bit, their beautiful petals becoming ratty and chewed on. The bigger the bloom, it seems, the more destruction there is - the sweet tiny forget-me-nots for example were merely spilled (that vase knocked over at least 4 times) - no dragging, no chewing, no tattering.



  1. Just doing their job. Too funny.

  2. Scooter says to ask you if he can come over to your house to play? You know he LOVES tulips...... And Millie loves vase water, so she'll come too......

  3. ...and our cat "Sheldon" says "..your
    Tail Wags,

  4. Rachel I knew that "the Team" from NuT would approve of today's post ... I'm sure both Scooter & Millie are with Oliver & Gus in asking ... "and your point is ???"

  5. Moose (Sheldon) we (you & I) wrote our "your point is" comments at the very same time. tee hee ! SO true !

  6. Cats!

    At least dogs have the good grace to look guilty when they've done something like that.

  7. Almost missed that profile picture of you and Winnie! It looks like the cover of a psychological drama. Your expression is kind of scary!? I guess you just finished one of your bedside books!!!! Beautiful flowers!


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