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Monday, May 31, 2010

Winnie Dixon and her friend BleetNess(ie) - in truth Bleet's a little in love with Miss D

Oh it's almost a new month. Sigh. I love a new month, a new week ... even a new day so I really love it when a Monday happens to be almost all three. I've signed up for what I expect to be a fantastic Creative Empire building 5 week e-course put on by the sweet & very talented Kelly Rae Roberts - an amazing, tres successful, mixed media artist and author of the completely fabulous book - Taking Flight - Inspiration to Give Your Spirit Creative Wings. The e-course is called Flying Lessons - Tips and Tricks to Help your Creative Business Soar.

I've been thinking (planning scheming, etc.) an awful lot about my own Creative Empire building lately and thinking lots about the lack of actual hands on building of it. Thinking isn't gonna build me an Empire so it seemed the perfect time to sign up for her course that's focused on exactly that, it's a how-to CE Build. There is so much creative inspiration here in the land of blogs it takes my breath away almost daily. So many successful woman creative empire builders. Woman who wanted to give up a job that was killing their spirit and make a good living doing something that they love instead. Recently I've spent some time going back into the archives of some of my favourite empire builders and reading all about their beginnings, the struggles, the successes and seeing gradually over time the total transformation of their creative talents. Truly amazing and makes me feel very excited and most hopeful for my own future successes. I thought I'd share a few of my favourite and most inspiring empire builders here this morning as I launch this (new day, new week and almost new month) next big chapter in my own Creative Empire building.

Kelly Rae Roberts

The Black Apple
Posy Gets Cozy

And these 6 are just a tiny few of the hundreds of amazing CE builders I'm coming across


  1. Love the photos of your cat & dog. I checked out the blogs you mentioned. All nice ... is that the way you'd like your blog to look ?

  2. Hi JC, Actually I'm pretty content with the way my blog looks, the thing that I find very inspiring about these fellow creative bloggers is how they have turned their creative dreams into a good solid money making empire (wink). All of them are making a living, and some a very good living, doing what they love, all the while growing and developing their individual talents and skills ... that's what I want more of. xo S & les Gang

  3. Great photos... best friends
    Benny & Lily

  4. Does Winnie flinch slightly when a cat decides to be affectionate? My dog does! Probably wise - cats can be rough!

  5. They are absolutely precious!!! I am in love with that black kitty!

  6. Haha love it! My kids did too. Very cute.

    I want everything on your Etsy site. It's a problem. Ha!

    Also tuning into following my passion into a livelihood, so looking forward to more from you on that...


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