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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hey there girlfriend ! Miss Winnie Dixon in her sunshiny window chair

We're going to Halifax for a day of appointments, visits, errands etc. We being the cowboy, both dogs and myself and (drumroll please ) I plan to drive both ways. A long time phobic fear of driving to the city that a good part of me longs to get over finally, finally once and for all !! Pretty much a big ol' irrational fear and immersion therapy is calling my name. Now is my opportunity - why not grab it ? The other part of me would just as soon grab Missy D and crawl back into my well hidden, down and flannel lined cave and let the world keep on passing me by - or at least that's how it feels at this very moment. Anxiety levels are off the charts. The sirens are wailng in my head.

The flags at Black Street are flyin' a code orange.

And to top it all off. I'm worried about Miss D.

Winnie's been acting funny ... a little under the weather. Something's up. She seemed a little disoriented. Unusually tired. And of course with a senior dog (she turned 11 in January) every freakin' little thing or weird symptom like action or behaviour sends you (or sends Me anyway) down the road of OMG doom & gloom. Could this be the beginning of the end. Please No !! I love her so much. She did eat her breakfast this morning and we've yet to see how she is on our morning walk. I'm off now quickly to the land of bubbles & scent and then Miss D and I will hit the pavement. Fingers crossed and hearts held tight. Will post a detailed note regarding her status apr├ęs our walk and before we leave for the city. One really good thing is my girl Miss Dee she sure does love a road trip.

8:01 Winnie update. Well she seems energetic enough, and as I said earlier she did eat a hearty breakfast- both very good signs. She just seems a little distracted and is walking in circles often and always in the same counter clockwise direction. Dr. Google and I are hoping that it could be this* relatively common senior dog affliction which thankfully should pass on it's own.

*or this also not so doom n' gloom - fingers crossed and hearts held tight. We're off to the city.

Miss D, hangin' on our grassy hill enjoying the breeze and warm salt air


  1. You'll be so empowered after your maiden voyage.

    (I lied. Got busy popping around town and didn't make the salmon. It's on the menu for tonight, though!)

  2. Miss Winnie, no. Really, it's not time yet. There way too many crabs left to dissect. Plus your mama needs you so no.

  3. Good luck with Winnie Susan.I am anxious to hear about how your visit to the vet goes. Your driving will be fine.If you get too nervous you'll have the Cowboy there. As they say in Australia ('she' being the subject that covers a bunch of concerns) "She'll be right in no time mate -no worries!!"

  4. Remember all that you've been writing recently about worrying /dreading/fearing things that might not happen? Hopefully Winnie will be fine, and you need not have tormented yourself so. Fingers crossed indeed.

  5. Holding lots of good thoughts for your doggie and your drive.

  6. Check her ears!
    An infection, even slight, could be the reason.

  7. We had a little dog who did the walking/turning in a circle just prior to an epileptic seizure. We had no idea what was happening because the seizure itself just looked like he was resting.(no thrashing about which is what we thought a seizure was) Then it progressed to his going in several circles before laying down.Then the circles became tighter.
    That was over 20 yrs ago. I'm sure there must a med for it now.
    Good luck with Miss Winnie Susan.

  8. Susan, I am just now reading this about Winnie! I will send up many prayers! I had knee surgery and was out of the loop for a now on the road to what seems like a slow recovery!!! God bless Winnie and you, the Cowboy and Bess and all the little animals that share your lives! I am NOT ready to give Winnie up. I am believing the very best healing for her very soon.


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