les office

Saturday, May 1, 2010

a small collection of dogs - much loved & tres sweet petite painting by our good friend Chickory

A vignette from les Office of Susan Black Design & Associates. A mauvey, taupe -ish, pale brown*, bright sunshiny room on the second floor of this old brick house. The room that is command central, so to speak. The room with the massive teak topped desk and most beautiful 24" imac. A room with large, tall windows with extra deep sills (perfect for les lounging associates - who tell me, always, that they are merely power napping and/or brainstorming) and a gorgeous view of our little harbour where we can easily watch all of the comings and goings, lobster boats and big ships, kayaks and sailboats and spectacular sunsets every clear evening.

* a colour custom created by me - mixing together leftover chocolate brown guest room paint with a few half cans of nearly white this and creamy that. Ya know - waste not, want not etc ...

10:35 - as I type, there is a handsome silver haired man with a tall moustache outside mowing (happily) the lawns of 29 Black Street - Shut Up !! he enjoys doing all that yucky yard work (?) leaving me all the fun gardening type stuff to do. Thump a thump a thump ! be still my heart.


  1. Your office took my breath away, also your cowboy mowing the lawn.

  2. Love the dog portrait with the orange background-- is that modelled after any dog friend of yours?

  3. I love the colour - especially after it came out of the waste-not-want-not category.

  4. I remember you writing about the custom colour and how great it turned out. Love it all.


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