perfect puttering

Saturday, May 15, 2010

stormy dark skies and the big old elm across the street from 29 Black

Two days of no design work, rain in the forecast but that's OK because I've plenty of inside things that I can putter away at. First up, apres of course time spent lounging in the lands of bubbles and scent, clean up my messy TTD* and les office. Dream up some delicious thing for our dinner tonight, tape a movie or two from the movie channel, change bedding dans the nest of down & flannel (avec les enthusiasm of les Chats -of course) and I'll spend a day of perfect puttering (the thing I do best).

I had a very hard time keeping up with Missy D on this early mornings walk - you go girl !

* TTD - teak topped desk, home of the still gurgling and waitin' to bust out - Creative Empire

the tres messy TTD avec constant blog distractions - fav design blog Poppytalk


  1. I've been puttering too. If you lived closer, I could hand you a big slice of freshly-baked Victoria sponge cake, sandwiched with raspberry jam and whipped cream. Or a dish of allotment-grown rhubarb under a crisp oaty crumble topping....

    These are my housework-avoidance occupations.

  2. OMG - telepathic are you ! I have SO been craving cake and that sounds like the perfect cake for me and strong cuppa avec vous (and the team of course) and the wee tiny dog.

    Happy Puttering,
    S & les Gang

  3. What a splendid work space! One could absolutely rule the world at the helm of the TTD!! :)

  4. Oh Susan! Winnie must have come through whatever malaise had her in it's grip and she seems back to her normal self by all accounts! I am so relieved, but I am sure you are still watchful and leery. My prayers for her good health continue!
    Lovely weekend puttering!!!



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