for my aunt sally

Friday, May 14, 2010

tiny blue wonders and my aunt Sally's favourite flower– forget-me-nots

My Aunt Sally reads my blog each and every early morning. She loves forget-me-nots and she loves cats. Oliver's perched in one of his most favourite spots, at a kitchen window. On the other side of the glass, not 10 inches away hangs a bird feeder which is constantly filled with finches (gold & purple), sparrows, the occasional blue jay and sad, worried looking mourning doves who are so large and heavy (and a tad clumsy) that upon landing they cause the feeder to swing violently on it's hanger - making them appear even more worried looking. All the birds love our wild, unruly gardens and petite forest like setting here at 29 Black Street and my challenge this spring summer is to attract as many varieties as is possible - with the cowboy's help of course (remember he's creating a petite pond marsh eco-system a la large fenced in dog yard - I'm hoping for tadpoles & peepers too).

We love nature, we love flowers and we all love the birds.


  1. Oh, how we love the birds here too! Tasty morsels, if only we could catch them......

  2. Sweetest Forget-Me-Nots to start the weekend...and Oliver keeping vigil over the bird feeder...all is right with the world. It is so idyllic there! And I am so glad you are no longer planning to leave. That is definitely your little slice of heaven, right there! Have a great weekend and smooches to Miss Winnie Dixon and all the other members of the family!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Se buddy else looks like they are enjoying peeking out the window at those purrty flowers.
    Happy Friday
    Benny & Lily

  4. A hearty hello to Aunt Sally from the Meaty Midwest!

  5. Such gorgeous flowers and such a handsome cat. It's finally starting to look a little more like Spring around here, thank goodness!


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