big, shiny brightness

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a plethora of greens near the front porch here at 29 Black Street - the jungle is erupting

It's been a busy and great week. Last week was one of those wish to forget about it weeks – my mood seemingly stuck in a well worn groove of malcontent. Something I've learned, especially through these last few years, but so often forget that I do know it to be true is

time changes everything - nothing ever stays the same

Doom and gloom, sadness and ache can turn to sweetness and joy in less than a day, sometimes in only a moment - just cruise on through the darkness ... cause there's always brightness up ahead and sometimes it's big, shiny brightness. This favourite song is stuck in my head this early morning, one that's in the top 10 songs on the soundtrack to my life. A song from that makes me feel like 1971 was just yesterday.

oh and ps thank you for all the wonderful, kindred dog (cat, animal) love comments !


  1. And I have "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" firmly stuck in my head today (after a bit of tv mockery of the new UK Coalition Government leaders) - any and every version is great - the Shirelles, Brenda Lee, Amy Winehouse, but Dusty Springfield's is the one I'll go with.....

  2. Now you have it in your head, don't you?

    ..."Will you still love me tomorrow....."

  3. gee thanks Rachel. I like Dusty's version as well.

  4. Oh, chartreuse. My favourite colour in the garden.


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