the best cat

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

gel medium, a task timer set to 30 mins, the best DA*, a stack of Sunday Reviews for clipping

Collaging, painting, clipping, cutting, glueing, sanding ... playing {Creative Empire building ?}

and always with the cat.

That is the best cat ever - Oliver always nearby supervising, critiquing and/or commiserating.

*DA - most excellent Design Associate


  1. What is it about cats? I am huge animal lover, there is no animal that I find disgusting or ugly or scary, truly there isn't for me, from the furry to the reptilian. Though I love dogs dearly it is always the cats that have my soul. That silent understanding, the gentle purr, the intuitive glance. Love them.

  2. this post reminds me of the guy who painted all those dreamy watercolor covers for the "Yes" albums. his name is roger dean. anyway - i can remember one where the cat prints remained in the final -as his own DA walked across the wet watercolor leaving little white pawprints in the turquoisey wash.

    love these photos (as usual)

  3. For most of my life I was strictly a dog lover. But the older I get, the more I appreciate the quiet but proud demeanor of cats. I believe they know things.

  4. My Purr Gang takes turns as to who is the daily snooperviser. Always near or on whatever I need to do.


  6. Millie was asking: does Oliver have proper working hours? Lunch breaks? Paid leave? Fishy treats? Tummy rubs? Being carried about being told what a beautiful boy he is yes he is? She hopes so.....


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