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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my favourite pinky coral oriental poppies

watch out !
you might get what you're after

David Byrne

It's perfectly still, humid and lush feeling this early morning. Our big windows are all wide open and I can hear the grackels cursing at BleetNess from high up in their trees as he does his morning black velvet chicelet plod around these terracotta gardens. I've had a 5:30 coffee date with a cowboy and now ... well I'm off to the races ... at least for a moment or two. Wink.


  1. Your Poppies are so pretty and your photos of them outstanding.
    I just love the brown centers in these. This is such a rare color in the garden...well maybe except for annuals like Impatiens. Don't you just love the pods the Poppies leave behind. Very decorative in the garden.
    I had my sister check out the house for sale....a bit too far for her, but had everything she is looking for. Good luck with the sale.
    Thanks for the feast for the eyes this morning.

  2. i just love that last shot! it's so gorgeous.

    xo Alison

  3. Oh that bottom photos is particularly amazing. I love the petals folds and how you've cropped it, etc. Incredible photography as always.

    BTW, dear Susan, all my links for you on my post interview go to "http://www.29blackstreet.ca/" and I just saw that it no longer works! I will go head and replace the .ca's with .com's!! LOL. you got me worried there for a moment. I thought you had shut down your blog without notice. That would have been a very depressing day indeed. Glad you are still here adn kicking too.

  4. Actually Mmmm ... no need to change it to .com. It's actually that my domain hosting site at 29blackstreet.ca was having difficulties yesterday and I'm back to using 29blackstreet.blogspot.com (temporarily) but will be back to the other shortly. I have my own personal "genius bar" (nephew Mike) working on my new blog/web site and soon my whole life, blog, portfolio, etc will thankfully all live at 29blackstreet.ca. Hooray !


    ps. thanks for the kind photo words

  5. Beautiful poppies. Do they always self-seed? Grow in Tn? So perfect...almost wildflower looking but totally abundant..like a cultivated flower......just right. I wish I could bury my face in them.


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