missy d & buttercups

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Miss Winnie Dixon, blue blue skies and a blanket of buttercups - our grassy hill


  1. Oh, how I wish we had some blue.... and less damn rain, wind and cold. It is a lousy 5 degrees this chilly morn... wind at 40 knots... well, at least 40 kilometres...I have no clue what knots that is...but, it ain't a pretty sight. And, my golf clubs are sitting around gathering mold....

    I'm seriously thinking it could be time to build at least a Kon Tiki if I can't manage an ark in time........

  2. Beautiful - reminds me of childhood when we used to hold buttercups under each other's chin to "reveal" if we liked butter or not. I'm pretty sure we all did!

  3. Beautiful :-) Love dogs and flowers.

    Muzzle (Angela) & Minnie-Moo

  4. Beautiful photos! I enjoyed looking through your blog and see why you love it so much in Nova Scotia. I grew up on the West Coast and miss the ocean.


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