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Sunday, June 6, 2010

gulls off to work after a productive early morning breakfast meeting on the rocks

I first looked at my bedside clock this morning at 4:58. My coffee machine is timed to begin gurgling and spurting at 5:00. The large windows in this old brick are all open wide and the chorus of bird songs and mad chattering is breathtaking to listen to. My beautiful alarm clock.
I, like them, am an early bird. I love getting up in the morning.

Yesterday as I lay on my bed with all three cats, a mug of tea and a book* I was thinking about how much I love reading and how I never seem to do enough of it. Reading at bedtime puts me to sleep almost instantaneously I average oh ... 4-8 pages a night before I'm drifting off to dreamland which makes reading a 552 page book a month long project. I was dreaming yesterday once again about holidays at cottages, rented cottages and how wonderful it is to spend days on end where the main activity for each day is reading. In a hammock with a tall glass of ice tea. No long lists of things (household chores etc ...) that should be attended to and no cloud of you should be doing something else guilt following your eyes across each page. I honestly don't know how to get rid of that darn cloud. And don't get me wrong I do loll away many a weekend afternoon lost in a good book ... the drag is I always feel a little guilty about it.

When do you take time to read ? and what are you reading now & next ? I'd love to hear.
Oh, and ps. The Outlander was fantastic - a real page turner.

* Women, Food & God - Geneen Roth - if you have any food issues ... amazing & very funny


  1. Hi Susan
    I read alot, and I do mean alot! I love books, and can't imagine a life without them. I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction. Most of the books on my 'to read' list at the moment are to do with Africa, one way or another.
    My next one to start though is The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, which is apparently quite spooky! I try not to feel too guilty when I spend time reading instead of doing the housework, as it is time well-spent really. And life is too short to spend too much time with the hoover! I've just resolved to have less 'stuff', so I can spend more time reading and less time cleaning!
    Have you been to the Goodreads site? You can often get some good recommendations there too!

  2. Hi Dan,
    I've read The Little Stranger and quite liked it ... I do love a spooky tale. I'll check out the Goodreads site - thanks !

  3. you said it books, birds, happiness and doggies
    benny & Lily

  4. What if we all felt too guilty to spend time reading. It would send the literary world into a spin,libraries would sadly close their doors, bookshelf makers would concentrate on coffee tables, which would go back to featuring a vase of flowers with no beautiful heavy art books decorating the surface.Children in schools would only read instructions. Book reviewers would be out of a job, and our brains would be poorer for reverting to other things - think of all the infrastructure around that book next time you read one Susan.You are doing yourself and everyone else a favour. Time well spent I'd say!xx

  5.'ll be pleased to know that I am reading "The Rational Optimist" by Matt Ridley and "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle.

  6. Oh my gosh, we MUST have adjoining cottages. This is totally my fantasy, except there is a tropical beach nearby in mine. Right now I'm reading trash and self-help. LOL Sookie Stackhouse and The 4-Hour Workweek. I'd love to do more of the things suggested in the second book, so I'd have more time to sit and read books like the first one. Haha

  7. Hi Susan
    I'm currently reading Lunenburg by Keith Baker. Being a Haligonian myself, I'm finding this thriller to be exceptionally fun to read since Baker makes reference to many familiar streets, and places around Halifax and the South Shore. I love, love, love books and always have a few on the go at once. Anything from knitting, to healthy living, to cookbooks, travel.... you name it.
    Thanks for posting the great harbour pictures.... it reminds me what I love so much about this province. Penny


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